Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi there...Mr...POLICE OFFICER?!?!

Well today's run was very interesting to say the least!

Before I get into all of that, I realized I forgot to mention one of the most IMPORTANT parts of my running ensemble (from my post this weekend).

My GARMIN FORERUNNER 405!! I would be lost without this thing!!!

This was my anniversary gift from my Husband last year and it's so great! I LOVE IT! I can't run a race without it! It tells me how fast I'm going (so I know if I need to speed up or slow down), it tells me my distance, my time, etc. It's so great!

I forgot it in my room for the WDW half and I was devastated! I never run without it so HOW on earth did I not notice that I had forgotten it?! I guess my nerves really got to me that morning! Ah well. I survived without it! lol

Ok so back to today's run...

Our schedule for today included a 3 mile run. We are really tapering now since NOLA Half is this weekend! So I got out and I ran 3 miles today with my cocker spaniel, Maddie. Well, she was along for 2 of those miles, but I decided to put her up because she was choking herself trying to chase after squirrels. She does SO GOOD until she sees a squirrel!! lol

So I put Madalynn up as I was going to run my last mile and I set the alarm. I ran my mile and as I was coming home, a POLICE OFFICER was pulling up into my driveway!!!! OMG! My alarm was going off and I had no idea! It was the internal alarm so it wasn't that loud blaring crazy noise....but still! MADALYNN had set off the motion detector inside my house!!!! Pixie, our Yorkie is so small, the motion detector doesn't see her, but apparently it sees my 19 pound cocker although it's not supposed to detect something her size (or so they told me). Aaah anyway, I was so embarrassed! I apologized profusely to the police officer and he reassured me that it was fine but still...I was so embarrassed!!!

So yeah...oh well...I won't do that again!

Tomorrow should be a 2 mile run and in just SIX days, we'll be ROCKIN AND ROLLIN NEW ORLEANS style!!!!


  1. Well it makes for a good story, right? Enjoy your taper!

  2. too funny about the poor dog!! I am sure they get calls like that all the time!

  3. Good luck with the upcoming race and I want your watch badly! I'll have to save up for it. :)

  4. LoL...that's funny. I would have died from embarrassment too, but I'm sure they get stuff like that all the time. Wonder what those alarm systems do with a Great Dane??

  5. Oh how funny! You were enjoying your run so much. haha Well at least now you know and it does make for an interesting story!!


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