Thursday, February 4, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Well, not my head really, just outside...if I were brave enough to run in the rain, they would be falling on my head! After being sick the past 3 weeks and having recently gotten over being sick, I'm not chancing a run in the cold rain! Which means that since Monday, I've been stuck inside relying on my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Boot Camp Fitness videos to keep me on track. Talk about a workout...phew my legs and bottom were burning after I finshed and I was definitely sore after the first day of it! I brought my clothes with me today so I guess it's to the gym I go after work. I have a gym membership but I don't use it...does that make sense? No! Haha! I think the last time I went to the gym was like August. I just hate running on that dang treadmill. Ugh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stops raining by the time I get home! We'll see!

Anyone know who Ryan Hall is? Well, he's an Olympic runner and can always be found somewhere in the latest editions of Runners World magazine. I found out the other day that he will be at the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon! He's running it for "practice". I saw that he finished the Houston half in just under an hour. He'll be at the finish line by the time I'm halfway done!! lol So that means I won't see him but it's still cool that he'll be there! :0)

No other news...I just wish this rain would STOP!


  1. I was JUST sitting in my classroom looking outside at the stupid rain! I am glad I ran yesterday even if it was on the dreadmill, it made me feel better about myself lol!

    Maybe if we are lucky we can get a picture of ryan. He will probably be like, surrounded by security or something haha!

  2. I hope the rain stops for you and can you imagine that guy's minute mile? That's crazy!

  3. I heard about him the other day. I saw that he was going to be at the New Orleans half. That is awesome! I hope ya'll get to see him! I wish it would stop raining here too. Today was my off day, but maybe I can squeeze in my run tomorrow! I hope....:0/

  4. Heather, that would be really cool! I hope we can!!! lol

    I cannot even imagine how fast he runs! Man I would never even be able to run a mile that fast!!! lol!


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