Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day #2 of Boredom...

I guess I can't say that I'm all that bored...I mean, who doesn't like sitting on the couch watching TV all afternoon? (Well, as long as it's only every once in a while). Yesterday afternoon, I did nothing and I felt so very unproductive and LAZY!!!! Aaah.

Today, I worked all day and now am home. I'll probably take a nap, then get up and go to church. I started on a steroid pack yesterday and I think I am feeling better. At least the leaky nose drainage isn't as bad! (Yuck!)

I was asked to join a team at work today. It's a "healthy living" team and we are coming up with a program for our assosciates kind of like the biggest loser...I think it will be FUN! I'm glad I'm on the team helping to put it all together and implement it! Yay!

Well that was an interesting blog post! lol Sorry I'm so boring this week! OH well! I'm on the road to recovery!!! :0)


  1. karen that program sounds really fun! how exciting!
    sorry you are bored, keep resting!

  2. Rest is good even though it does get boring. Hope you feel better soon!


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