Friday, March 26, 2010

Free 2 Breathe

Well, the race is in the morning! I'm so nervous but I don't know why! I've been nervous all week! lol I'll get over my jitters tomorrow morning probably just as the race starts!

We have team shirts for our hospital team! They have green and purple in the shirts so I figured it would be hard to match them with skirts but guess what?! I have TWO skirts (one for Kayla and one for me) that will match! YAY!

I decided after seeing a picture of me on a friend's facebook that I need sun in my legs before running in a skirt this afternoon after work, I laid out for a little while. I had my alarm on my phone set so I would turn over every so often. Well, I fell alseep and laid there double time on my back so front side is just a little burnt! lol It's not bad but it's still red! Haha oh well!

Ok so here's to tomorrow and good weather and making good time!! :0) I'm excited to see my brother and sister in law!


  1. Good luck tomorrow!! I'm running a 5k in the morning too and am FULL of nerves tonight. Mainly because I'm going alone, I've never raced alone before. But you and I are going to do awesome. :) Can't wait to read your re-cap post-race!!

  2. I have done that laying out before haha! GL!

  3. Glad your race went well - good job! :)

  4. I love just being in the sun, especially after this past winter. I have this huge papasan chair on my back porch and I went out there yesterday after work to just relax-it's so tempting to fall asleep though!

    I hope your race went well!


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