Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday at lunch, a coworker of mine and I did this video. OH MY GOSH she worked us SO HARD! I was like dead by the time we were done! I'm sore today too in areas that I don't use as much when I run. THe only thing I didn't like about the workout is she did a LOT of squats and lunges and I can't do either because of my knees. Oh well though...I still got a decent workout. I loved the arms workout with the weights. She did quite a few different moves I hadn't done in the past!

Anyway, this week I have been doing really good! I ran Monday (but I think I already blogged about that one) and every morning this week, I've woken up and done my Boot Camp workout with toning areas. It's so great cause I feel like (I hope at least) I'm making a difference. My goal is to gain more upper body strenght since I have NONE!!!

On top of running Monday and doing the Boot Camp workout every morning, I also did the Jillian workout yesterday so I'm feeling great! I'm going to run this afternoon if it isn't raining! Then Saturday will be a 6 mile run with my group! YAY!

Other good news: I won $100 at work on Tuesday from the Patient Satisfaction drawings. Each time they pull your name, you win $50 and my name got pulled twice! I've only won like twice in the past before so this was awesome!!! It's now in my "secret cash stash" with my other $50 that I won! Haha

We have the assosciate forums today at work and I'm scared to taped a video last week promoting some upcoming events at work and I'm in the video! It should be fun though! We changed the words from "YMCA" to "It's fun to work at the CSPH"! Hhahaha


  1. I was wondering if her workouts were any good. I have been debating about getting one of her videos. I think I might just have to cave in now! Congrats on the $100, that is awesome!

  2. I have a few videos from Jillian and I like them very much. You definitely get a workout in a short period of time, and they are great to do when we are on the two break from boot camp in New Orleans.

  3. I have heard good things about Jillian's workout; a friend of mine claims the yoga workout is just as strenuous as her others:)---20 minutes and she is pooped.


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