Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 mile morning!

I got up this morning at 4:45 a.m. to meet with my running group at 5:30 a.m. It's about a 20 minute drive from my house to our meeting spot so that's why I have to get up a little earlier. I usually set out all my stuff the night before so all I have to do is get up and go. I know it's early but I would MUCH rather run early mornings than in the heat of the afternoon! I love getting up and watching the sunrise! Yes I get tired and yes I like to stay up late on Friday nights and sleep in Saturday mornings but I only like to do that on occasion. Church on Sunday morning doesn't start until 10:30 a.m. so I have time to sleep in a little on Sunday mornings!

This is what we got to see this morning:

Like I've said in the past, Sunrises and Sunsets are some of my favorite things! :0) I was once asked one time in a meeting, "When do you feel closest to God?" Others in that meeting answered different things like "Reading the Word", "Music", "Church"...I didn't have an answer at the time. I do feel close to God when I'm doing those things mentioned but I couldn't put my finger on "closest". I figured out my answer this morning. It's when it's just me and nature and God. No music, no traffic, no distractions...just me, my running shoes, and my surroundings. It's a time I can reflect and pray. I'm so grateful I get to see things like sunrises every morning and that I can run! Running is a gift..and I'm so grateful I've been blessed with the ability! I love having that time for just me and the Lord. I can talking to Him without having any distractions and it's so calming.

These flowers greeted us along our route this morning!

I have a funny story for today! We ran 10 miles today and part of our route led us downtown (not a very good area of town) and of course, that early in the morning it's still dark. Well, one of the girls I was running with looked at something out of the corner of her eye and she said "Oh, that scared me!" I of course turned around to look and I saw this MAN running up behind us. I SCREAMED and jumped up in the air cause it FREAKED ME OUT! I thought it was some stalker man coming to get us down the dark streets! Turns out it was my friend ADAM (who is also in our running group)! LOL OH well!

Last week durning our 12 mile run, my knees were KILILNG me! I didn't know if it was because of the late night or riding in the car all day but was bad. They just recovered THURSDAY! So anyway, I wanted to see if it was my shoes or not. Today, during our 10 miler, my knees didn't hurt near as bad as they did last week but they still ached so I guess it's time for new shoes! The ones I'm wearing are from Christmas but we've done a lot of high milage since December!

A note from our coach on the wipeboard....

LOL She's so goofy! I guess it's time to RIP Saucony Hurricane 10's and introduce Saucony Hurricane 11's. I'm lucky...they are coming out with the Hurricane 12's in May so the 11's are on CLOSEOUT at Running Warehouse! I'm going to order them sometime this week!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!! God bless!


  1. Great work with the 10 miles and glad you were safe, that would have freaked me out too! I love talking to God too when I run, I miss it since I've been injured. I am hoping to get better soon and remember running through your blog! :)

  2. great job w/ the 10 miler!!

    and i'm with you on sunsets. we just got back from jamaica and i took a gazillion pics of sunsets. i just can't get enough of them!

  3. i love the sunrise and sunset! I agree, nature makes me feel very close to God. I ahve had my shoes since October and have been wondering lately if I should get new ones.


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