Friday, April 23, 2010

HILLS! Ugh...

This past week, Madalynn and I ran 3 miles on Tuesday night. I was so excited when I got off work Tuesday cause it was COOL outside! Woohoo! The weather was just perfect! It was overcast and windy and cool...very unusual for this time of year! There was also a definitely chill in the air on Wednesday morning, too. I love that kind of weather! I wish it would stay like that all year! Anyway, we had a GREAT run and I ran farther than I usually do on my own without stopping. I think I stopped a couple of times because of neighbors dogs. One dog in particular is a little 5 pound dog that lives next door to me. It FOLLOWED us ACROSS A BUSY ROAD to the next neighborhood! I was so scared for that dog I turned around and picked it up and brought it home! LOL It made me nervous! I don't want to be th reason my neighbor's dog is dead in the road! No way! lol

Wednesday night is always a hill workout for my running group. I haven't been able to make it though because of the girls program at church that I run on Wednesday nights. Well, this past Wednesday night, we had something special going on and there was no girl's program, so I was able to make it to the hill workout! OMG that mess is HARD! I hadn't done it since October and I forgot how bad it was. I can tell I'm increasing in speed/strenght a little though because I was able to go further this time than I was in the fall! Yay! We run 5 minutes up and down a huge hill for 4 times. We also jog a 10 minute warmup and cool down. All in all, I did 4.25 miles on Wednesday night!

Last night was a different story, though! I was going to just do 2 miles with Maddie but I'm also painting a room right now and it wasn't complete. I was so mad cause I thought it was all done and it wasn't! Oh needs a 3rd coat so I'm going to do that today. I was so mad/frustrated last night I didn't want to do anything. So Jason and I went to Wendy's. I was craving a salad (lol) but I also wanted Ice Cream so I got a salad and a Coffee Toffee Frosty (SOOOOOO BAD for you, I know) but oh well! I don't hardly ever eat ice cream so it's ok!

Anyway, we have a RACE tomorrow! It's supposed to RAIN! UGh. It's out of town, too so I wasn't sure at first if I was going to run it since Jason is working. I signed up anyway cause our running group is caravaning over to the race so hopefully it will be ok. I'm driving myself though cause I'm meeting up with friends for lunch. However, if it's raining too bad, I dont' know what I'm going to do. I HATE driving in the rain (especially an hour out of town!)!! Oh well!


  1. make sure it's not cancelled like mine before you go!

  2. You did awesome in the race and great job on the hills workout! I know that is not fun on that huge hill!

  3. Nice work with the hills! I know they can be rough, but be grateful to have them!! I currently live in an area with NO HILLS and can't get any hill training in:( If you would have told high school version of me that one day I'd actually MISS hill workouts, I never would have believed it! :)


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