Sunday, May 2, 2010

Broken? Not broken!!!

Sorry I haven't updated all's been busy! I had Softball Practice Sunday, then I ran 2 miles on Wednesday with my doggie. Thursday night, we had our very first softball game and whew that was a workout! lol

I played Left Center and I felt like I was constantly moving around! I was SO SORE Friday and I regretted playing that hard because I had a 5K Saturday morning. That 5K deserves an entire post for itself so that will come

Anyway, I thought I broke my finger during the softball game. I went to catch a ball and it bounced funny and it hit the tip of my right pointer finger before it went into my glove. OMG. I've been hit by softballs before and it stings a little while, then goes away. Not a big deal. THIS pain did not go away. Then the tip of my finger started to swell and turn purple. I couldn't bend it either. Well, we finished out the game (which we lost, then I came home and put ice on it. The next day, a coworker offered to X-Ray it for me because it looked bad (she called it my "E.T." finger) LOL.

Well, come to find out, it wasn't broken! Thank GOD! Now, 3 days later, it feels much better and I'm able to bend it! Yay!

More on yesterday's disastrous 5K later! :0)


  1. ooh! The finger looks painful. Can't wait to hear about the race (even if you think it was disastrous)

  2. so glad it wasn't broken! looks painful!

  3. Oh wow-that looks like it hurt!

  4. It was not that disastrous. haha At least we got to run it together. :0)

  5. I am glad you can bend it and move it now! I have not had a chance to update about the 5K on Saturday. I just updated about the other 5K I ran. haha


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