Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Contraband Days 5 Miler!

This past Saturday was the Annual Contraband Days 5 Miler race. Our town has a festival called Contraband Days. It's a 2 week festival started around Jean Lafitte the pirate! Apparently, he buried treasure somewhere off the coast of our town.

Anyway, Saturday morning started off overcast and windy. It was warm but not humid like the week before and I knew this race would be "tolerable" weather wise!

My family! :0) Kayla ran this one with me, too!

Keeping with the Contraband Spirit, this Pirate ran the entire 5 miles dressed like a Pirate! Arrrrgh! lol

We got our numbers and got set to go! This year, they also included a timing chip for your ankle ... it strapped around your ankle and it was really strange!

My running group. We ran about a 0.8 mile warm up run before the race began! I think that really helped me get loose and warm!

Last year, I ran this in 56:something. My goal for this year was under 50 minutes.

These pirates fired guns to signal the start of the race. Oh my gracious they scared the daylights out of me!

This guy juggles the entire race every single year! He beat me last year, too! Maybe I should make that next year's beat the juggler! LOL

Beginning the race, the wind was at our backs. However, coming back along the was hitting us head on! It felt good but it was a pain in the butt!

There I come! Woohoo!

I finished in 48:08! YAY! I could hear my dad yelling "Pick it up Karen pick it up!" as I ran past. It was HARD but I did pick it up a little! Whew that race took a lot out of me!

There comes Kayla!

After the race, everyone enjoyed pizza and beer. I of course didn't have any beer but I still thought it was funny!!! :0)


  1. what a great race!

  2. great job Karen!
    your beer comment made me think about the tent with the armband for beer at the RnR half in NOLA and how the boys wanted to get them and sell them at the party lol!


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