Friday, September 16, 2011

Painting with a Twist Take 2

I just went for an early morning run – and busted it on the concrete for the first time EVER during a run!  It was really dark outside and my foot slipped off where the concrete dipped off the road.  I was running really close to the edge and my ankle gave out on me. I could feel myself falling so I tried to catch myself with my hands. I forgot how much the concrete hurt!  My hands are a little scraped up as is my right calf but all is well otherwise!  Nothing major! :0)  Besides the fall, it was a great 3 mile run in awesome awesome cool weather!  Hope that stays around for a little while! :0)

Ok now onto Painting with a Twist!


This past Sunday afternoon, my friend Mackenzie and I attended Painting with a Twist!  On Sunday afternoons, they do something called “Painting for a Purpose” to benefit a local non-profit organization. 

I decided to participate in this “Painting for a Purpose” because the proceeds benefitted the dog rescue that we adopted Madalynn from!


My world would not be complete with out her!  :0)

I have attended Painting with a Twist in the past and I had a really good time!  In my first Painting with a Twist, we painted a cross – it was one of their “easier” classes and it wasn’t bad!

Painting with a Twist Part 1


Kenzie and I registered together so we could sit by each other!

photo2 photo4

Ready to paint!


They start you out with a canvas, a few guidelines to follow, and pre-chosen paint colors.

I had no clue how the above picture was ever going to look like the professional one below….


….but I figured I’d give it a try!  Note: The above picture is not mine, it was painted by a professional! :0)

photo5 photo6

I wasn’t too sure about this three brush thing….Hah!

photo7 photo8 

We started out our picture by shading in the background!

photo9-1 photo10

Having fun so far!

This class was a VERY large one!  We had almost 40 people packed into one small room!  The instructor also didn’t talk very loud so those in the back of the room couldn’t hear well.  She never put on a headset like we asked.  It was also really really hard to see her picture. I think if they had a giant TV screen that blew up with she was doing, it would have been so much better!

I finally went up to the front and took a picture on my phone of the professional painting to follow from my seat!


Even though it looks like mostly shading, believe it or not, this was HARD!!!

Our class was supposed to take 3 hours and it took 3 hours and 45 minutes!


Lampposts and trees!


I am NOT an artist so this mixing paints to make different shades thing kinda threw me off!

photo14  photo16 

Well, even though it looked nothing like the professional’s, it was still fun and I do like my picture!!!  I had a really good time painting even if it was a little stressful, and the proceeds went towards a good cause so that made it all worthwhile! :0)


Half of our group – we couldn’t fit everyone in one picture!

Have you ever “Painted with a Twist” or taken a class similar to this?  What did you paint? Did you like it?


  1. That's AWESOME!! Your painting is amazing! I would love to find a class like that. Your post kind of reminded me of Bob Ross and his "happy trees" :)

  2. I love it! It turned out really good! I am wanting to do painting with a twist one day. We have one here in town, just have not found the time to go yet.

  3. I hope you are ok after busting it! I completely understand!! Glad you could still bust out your mileage!

  4. that is awesome! we did something like that in june and are doing another one at the end of the month. i found they have a painting with a twist in a town about 45 minutes away from here and i'd like to try it there too. i saw one i wanted to do, running shoes!! how cool!

  5. There is a Painting With A Twist in Houma that I haven't made time to go to yet. Your painting came out really good!


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