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Vacation Recap – Day #1 onboard the Norwegian Pearl

Day before the cruise – Seattle, WA
Day #1 onboard the Norwegian Pearl
Day #2 “At Sea” day
Day #3 – Juneau, Alaska
Day #4 – Skagyway, Alaska
Day #5 – Glacier Bay
Day #6 – Ketchikan, Alaska
Day #7 – Victoria, BCDay #8 - Back in Seattle

Sunday morning, my husband, dad, and I woke up super early and hit the streets of Seattle in search of the first ever Starbucks!

We passed the Public Market on our way!


A little less than a mile later, we found it!  Yay!  We passed about a million Starbucks on our way.  (Ok, we really only passed about 6 Starbucks on our way but hey who’s counting?) :0)


The first ever Starbucks!

Dsc_0058 Dsc_0059

They didn’t serve pastries here – just coffee.  However, Jason and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy coffee from the first ever Starbucks!


With our coffee! :0)

So like nerds, we bought coffee from this Starbucks, then walked back towards our hotel in search of a Starbucks that sold pastries and breakfast!  Hah!

After breakfast, we found my mom, then decided to take a trip to the Space Needle!


Being the Disney fans that we are, we just had to take a ride on the Monorail.  This Monorail was built for the 1963 World’s Fair!


We made it to the Space Needle!  No, we didn’t go up. I’m scared of heights and no one else was interested!

So, when you’ve ridden the monorail to the Space Needle but you don’t actually want to go to the top of it, what else is there to do?

Shop in the gift shop, of course!!! :0)


We thought this shirt was funny!


Space Noodles!

After spending too much time in the gift shop, we rode the monorail down town, then took a walk along the water front!


Hello Norwegian Pearl!


We found our cruise ship!  The bus was coming to our hotel around noon to pick us up so we had a little time to kill! :0)


My mom wanted to see the Public Market so we walked through for a few minutes. By this time, it was BUZZING with people!  People were everywhere!!!


I loved how they had fresh fruit, fish, veggies, and flowers everywhere!


I so wish we had something like this back home!


The bus picked us up, we made it to the cruise terminal, got our paperwork completed, signed in, had our room keys, and before long, we were on board the ship!!!


What’s the first thing we do when we get on board the ship?  We head to the buffet, of course! 
Once we heard the announcement that our rooms were ready, we made our way there, and to my surprise…….


….this was waiting on me!  I gasped when I opened the door because I had no idea!  My husband knew about it all along!  You see, my friend Heather (who is also a travel agent and booked this trip for us) planned this special Birthday surprise for me!  How sweet of her, right?!


Complete with cake!!!! :0)  LOVED it all!

After settling in our rooms, we made our way to the outer deck for the sail away party.


I hate to say it, but this sail away party was less-than exciting.  Not to make you sick of hearing about Disney, but seriously – Norwegian needs to step this thing up a bit.


My dad and I ended up on the opposite side of the ship watching it pull away from Seattle.

Dsc_0194 Dsc_0210

Bye Bye Seattle!


The main pools of the Norwegian Pearl


BBQ on deck after the sail away party!


We decided to walk around and explore the ship a bit to get a feel of where things were located.


The atrium


Cake time!!!


The sunset. So beautiful!

Dsc_0274 Dsc_0276

Dinner our first night was in Indigo, followed by the night time Norwegian show.  Seriously, we were not impressed by their opening night show.  For one, I couldn’t understand a single word that the opening singer sang.  After the song was over, I leaned over to Jason and asked if he understood any of the song and his answer was no.  For two, I FELL ASLEEP.  Seriously.  That’s how bored I was.  What happened to the awesome night time shows that are exciting and keep you entertained?  I left the theater feeling very disappointed.   Ah well.  Lesson learned!

After the show, we went to bed.  I was tired and worn out from traveling and I knew we had a long week ahead!

Stay tuned for Day #2! :0)


  1. how cool about the b'day balloons and cake in your cabin!

    and you fell asleep during the show?!?!?! hahahahahahahah

  2. Seattle looks beautiful! I've always wanted to go there.

    I don't mind all your comparisons to Disney - I do the exact same thing anytime I travel anywhere else!

    Looking forward to day 2!

  3. it looks so fun! we first got interested in cruising after seeing a documentary on the norwegian cruise line. we didnt go to any of the shows when we went on our cruise. sounds like we made the right choice! glad you had a great day!

  4. Yay! You can ask Jason I was so nervous they were going to screw up the birthday surprise! I am so glad they did it right!


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