Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Disembark day – Back in Seattle, WA :0(

Day before the cruise – Seattle, WA
Day #1 onboard the Norwegian Pearl
Day #2 “At Sea” day
Day #3 – Juneau, Alaska
Day #4 – Skagyway, Alaska
Day #5 – Glacier Bay
Day #6 – Ketchikan, Alaska
Day #7 – Victoria, BC
Day #8 - Back in Seattle

We woke up Sunday morning and were not happy at all because Sunday = going home day. :0(
I took a few pictures of our room as we finished packing up.








Bed that needs to be made


Husband watching Princess and the Frog! :0)


So sad to leave!


We took our time leaving our room because our flight wasn’t scheduled until 5:30 that afternoon and we were one of the final groups to disembark the ship.


Breakfast was in the buffet as usual!  We were really quiet during breakfast because we were sad that our vacation was over.


This is a layout of all the disembarking groups – we were in the Red Group which was one of the last ones to leave the ship.

The line to get off the ship was LONG and we waited about 30-45 minutes before we were in customs. Our customs experience was easy as usual and before long, we were on our way!
We booked Norwegian transportation back to the airport and along the way, our bus driver gave us the “$2 tour” of the town. :0)

Apparently, Norwegian was having trouble with the Pearl the week before our cruise and the week after – both weeks included a day’s delay in leaving Seattle. I’m SO glad that didn’t happen to us!  Neither cruise was able to dock in Juneau because they were behind on their itinerary by one day. Norwegian did make up for their ship issues – the cruisers the week before our cruise were treated to Bill Cosby on the first night of their cruise (while they were still docked in Seattle).

Back to our ride to the airport:


A few shots of downtown Seattle. The above picture is the official Starbucks Headquarters!!


Seattle and Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners!

We arrived at the airport, checked in our bags, and since we had HOURS until our flight,  we walked over to the Link Light Railway for a trip to downtown Seattle.


We bought a roundtrip pass that would take us from and to the airport.

photo  photo4

The Link Light Railway went under and above ground!  A lot of people use this method of transportation to commute from place to place and it’s a neat method of transportation – although I think I prefer my car. I don’t live in a huge city so transportation like this is not necessary for us.
We made it downtown and walked around the market for  a while. I enjoyed this trip because we were able to explore the area a bit more.


For lunch, we stopped in the Westlake Center and ate at the food court.


I had this amazing turkey poboy and CHEESE FRIES. I NEVER eat cheese fries but they sounded so good.

(I’m sure I really needed those cheese fries after eating so much food on the cruise all week!)


Before long, it was time to catch the Link Light back to the airport.


I used my birthday “Free Drink” card at Starbucks while we waited for our plane.

They made an announcement overhead that our flight was over booked and if any volunteers were interested, Continental would put you up in a hotel and bump you to 1st class the following morning for a 9 a.m. flight. We were ALL SO tempted to jump on that offer – we discussed it but decided not to take it.

The flight back home was un-eventful and smooth!  We landed in Houston, TX  at midnight which meant we didn’t arrive home until after 2 a.m.  My puppies were SOOOOOO excited to see us!!!  We went to bed completely and totally exhausted – thank goodness we all had the following day off work!

Overall, it was a great trip! We had a good cruise, good itinerary, decent weather, and good company!  I would totally go on another Alaskan cruise………but I’m sure you know what’s coming next – I only plan on sailing Disney from now on, unless we have no other choice.

I think we are addicted to cruising – we booked another Disney Cruise (New York and Canada itinerary) for next fall not long after arriving back home!!  This time, we’ll be cruising with Jason’s parents!  So excited!!!

Thanks for following along with our adventures!
Coming up: My running adventures on board the Norwegian Pearl

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