Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wounded Warrior Mud Run – Winnie, TX


Last Saturday, I ran a mud run with my sister in law Kayla and her friend Lori! 


Clean and dry….before the race!


The other half of this plane was included in an obstacle….I was scared to see what that was all about!


Our group before the race!

According to their website, this race included 20 mind-blowing obstacles in 3.5 miles of muddy madness.


Off we go!


The first few obstacles did not include mud. I had NO idea what was in store!


Some people ran around the obstacles – we did them ALL!  We also skipped the “pansy” side of the obstacles – we did the “Kamikaze” side!


Brian rode around on a trailer and finally found us at the water!

Right before this, we had to run through a mud pit. The mud sucked my shoes in and I lost not one, but two shoes!  I had to pull the shoes out (it was hard because they were like suction cups) and run the rest of the mud pit in my socks. 

Putting those muddy shoes back on over muddy socks was disgusting!  I couldn't wait to go through the water to rinse my shoes off!


That water was COLD. When we got out of the water, it felt as if ice was pricking us in our legs – but we kept on running!



Running again!


This obstacle was hard and probably contributed to the reason I was sore the next day! The monkey bars were fat and rusty and I couldn’t hold on!


One of the final obstacles! 


After we came over the other side of the tug boat, we saw a huge mud pit. It was hard not to slip and Lori said “Let’s dive!” 


I looked at Lori and said “REALLY?! DIVE? Now??”



1-2-3 jump!


And that’s the story of how we got so muddy!


It was gross but funny!


You can’t run across the finish line of a mud run without being muddy!


I did it! 


Getting rinsed off with a fire hose!  Hah!


After the race, we changed clothes in the port-a-potties (YUCK) – that was one of the grossest things ever!


We also got our “free food/drinks” – a pulled pork BBQ sandwich and chips!

We went to my brother’s apartment to shower and change, then we got a real lunch at Which Which followed by FroYo!  I also crashed on their couch for a little while after we ate! 

I had a great day and really enjoyed spending time with my family!  :0)  I liked the mud run and would run it again, but only with friends. I don’t think I would have had as much fun running it by myself! 


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Also, thanks to you guys, I placed 3rd in the Running Skirts costume contest!! Thank YOU so very much for your votes!! :0)


  1. That looked like a lot of fun. Megan (FitCraftyTeacher) and I ran the Warrior Dash last year in some pretty nasty weather in Norco. The water was chilling!! I enjoyed it but if I would consider doing that again, it would have to be in much warmer months. LOL! Congrats on placing 3rd for the contest!!!

  2. I am so glad you ran this with me! I am thinking Warrior Dash in the fall if you are up for it, since you have a lot of races coming up in the spring! I had a great time running with you and Lori!

  3. Awesome job, you Kamikaze! I've been really wanting to do a mud run and now I really want to do one!

  4. I saw a poster for this and was too intimidated to sign up. But I love mud runs! I've done 2 warrior dashes and they are so much fun. It's nice to take a break from training and have a non serious fun run with friends!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is crazy! I don't think I could handle the mud and the obstacles. Good for you!! :)


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