Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Anyone use Pinterest?  I think it’s the most addicting thing EVER!  I’m a really crafty person, but I’m not good at coming up with ideas on my own – so Pinterest is REALLY dangerous for me!!

I attended a Baby Shower last Sunday for a friend’s daughter and her decorations were the CUTEST owl’s that she cut out of felt!  She found the pattern on Pinterest.

Knowing that I had a Bachelorette/Lingerie Shower the following weekend, I decided to look through Pinterest for a few decoration ideas.

What I got myself in to was a mass of scrapbooking paper, LOTS of trimming, ribbons, and feather boas!  I had a lot of fun and everything turned out really cute, but it was incredibly time consuming!  I only had about 6 hours of sleep each night last week AND I didn’t get to go for a run until Thursday afternoon (because I made myself stop and go for a run)!  Me + no run = GRUMPY!!

Here’s the decor!


Feather boa’s on the TV, mantle, and coffee table
Banner on the mantle that says “Oh La La!”
Scrapbook underwear :0)
Pink stones in vases on the mantle


Close up of the mantle

I was so happy with the way everything turned out!!


Close up of the banner


Banners behind the couch


Close up of the banners


The pink polka dot set was my favorite! :0)


1 Matron of Honor, 1 Maid of Honor :0)


The games were hilarious,


laughter was in the air,


and the Bride had a great time! 

Overall, I’d say the shower was a success!! :0)

If you have a Pinterest account, follow me


After having only a few hours of sleep after the shower, I woke up on Saturday morning and ran 14.4 with my running buddy Heather! We had a great run and it was a beautiful day!  After the run, I came home and put up my Christmas tree! :0) 

I’d say that I had a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!!


  1. Pintrest is so addicting! The lingerie banners are sooo cute. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The decorations look great! I love pinterest. Love is really not the word.. I think it's more like... obsession. I just followed you on pinterest.

  3. I started following you on pinterest. I have been very addicted!! :)

  4. How adorable - loved how everything turned out! Pinterest is so so addictive. I'm on there everyday and get inspiration, lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving love!

  5. Very cute! I've heard a lot about Pinterest...I have to look into it!


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