Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 33rd Birthday to Jason! :0)


Two days ago, my sweet husband turned 33 years old.  He had to work nights, so I sent him to work with a dozen cupcakes (just like a mom does with her kid to school).  Hah! 


Wasn’t he the cutest kid? :0)


His mom cleaned out their attic and she found his “potty training Pooh”.  She wrapped it up and gave it to him last night as a gift! Hahah!


I’m sure he’d appreciate knowing that his old photos are on my blog!  Hahah!


Here he is in high school playing in Disney World! Pretty cool!! :0)

jandk79-1 jandk84-2

Seeing these “older” pictures of Jason always makes me smile. In high school, I had a secret crush on Jason. We went to the same church and he played in our orchestra so he was on stage every Sunday.  I wasn’t a stalker (hah!) but I did admire him from afar! :0) 


Had I only known the future……  :0)

Happy 33rd Birthday, Jason! I hope you had a great birthday and I love you!!


I had an eye Doctor appointment yesterday and he dilated my eyes for the first time ever!  I’ve seen the same eye Doctor (for the past 15 years) and he’s NEVER done that to my eyes. I had to drive home and it was a beautiful, clear, blue sunny day.  Of course.  I was going to try to run before Jason’s birthday dinner but yeah, that didn’t happen because I had a horrible headache!  I know it’s for health reasons, but I don’t ever want to have that done to my eyes again!

I’m hopefully going to try to sneak a run in this afternoon. We’ll see!

Also, don’t forget to check out my DetermiNation Raffle! There are a TON of awesome prizes and there will be a lot of winners!!


Have a great Wednesday! :0)


  1. aw happy birthday Promise kid jason! Love the old pictures. Does jason bring potty training pooh to the potty with him now? haha

  2. Happy Birthday, Jason! I LOVE seeing progressive pictures like this! So cool how we change over the course of our lives. Hope y'all enjoyed the special day.

  3. That is so sweet! Hope he had a Happy Birthday!


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