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2014 Rock n Roll NOLA Expo

Somewhere in my marathon fog of a brain, I said I would have my Rock n Roll New Orleans race recap up today. For starters, I don’t think I expected to hurt this much after the race. I spent an hour yesterday afternoon with my orthopedic massage therapist who tried to work out the kinks in my neck, back, hips, IT Bands, thighs, and calves. Yes, I’m a mess…(more on that later). Thank you, crazy Louisiana weather.

After deliberating it over in my mind, I decided I needed a few additional days before sharing my journey through the streets of New Orleans.

Have no fear, though! The party is just getting started…right at the beginning, too!  (Isn’t that the best place to start?)

I give you….the Rock n Roll New Orleans Expo!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 0

On Saturday morning, we woke up before the sun to begin our 3+ hour drive to New Orleans. I was attempting to make it to the Expo in time to attend the Tweetup, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.
When Jason and I arrived in downtown New Orleans, we first stopped to pick up one of my BRF’s (Kelli) before making our way to the Expo. The Rock n Roll New Orleans Expo was held at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in downtown New Orleans. Thankfully, my husband is a wonderful guy and agreed to drop Kelli and I off at the front door before parking the car in the lot across the street.

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo

We made it!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 00Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 2

We passed through the red carpet area and into Check-In.

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 3-0

This was Rock n Roll New Orleans 5th year and for this special anniversary, they decided to do a few special things for their 5 year runners.

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 3

We had our own bib pick up station which wasn’t crowded at all (yay)!  I walked right up with no wait…score! :0)

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 6

After nabbing my bib, Kelli and I made a bee-line for the stage (which happened to be in the very back corner of the room). I knew I missed the Tweetup, but I still wanted to say hi to a few fellow blogger friends!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 4

The first person I saw was Mindy – we met at last year’s Rock n Roll New Orleans Expo and it was really nice to see her again! :0) I was also able to chat with Abby for a few minutes – it was great meeting her for the first time!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 5

These guys also graciously invited me to be a part of their photo, even though I didn’t get to attend the official event. It was great to see everyone!

After saying our goodbyes, we continued to meander through the Expo. I ran into a few more familiar faces…

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 7

Nicole (we made plans to run the full together)…

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 14

…and Abby, a fellow Dumbo runner (we were never able to meet-up in Disneyland, so it was nice to finally meet her in NOLA!). We connected at the Expo via Fred & Twitter…yay social media! :D

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 8

Ready to Rock n Roll!!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 12

We had to re-create our silly photo from last year’s Louisiana Marathon Expo…what can I say? We love to goof off!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 9

The Brooks area received a spiffy update this year in the form of a Tropical theme!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 10

As participants entered the “Island”, they were asked to fill out information on an iPad and a personal passport was printed. The passport could be used for various events inside the Island – Gait Analysis, a “Wild Shoe” ride, and a few carnival type games. If participants completed all of the events and had their passports scanned at each event, they were eligible for a thermal tote. We decided to skip the extra events because the line for the gait analysis was LONG. Instead, we took our passport to the “freebies” booth and we each received a tshirt!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 11

We loved our shirts!!

Walking through the vendors area, we taste tested a few Power Bar samples (Vanilla/Peanut Butter Chocolate bars, several flavors of energy blasts, and a few flavors of Performance Blends).

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 13

I liked the energy chews myself! The Peanut Butter Chocolate Power Bar was pretty good as well!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 18

We couldn’t resist a silly “Got Chocolate Milk” photo!

I also stopped by and purchased a Sweaty Band (I do at every Expo – gotta match my outfits), and I tried on a Flip Belt. I was just about to purchase one when I was told their shipment didn’t arrive because of the crazy Louisiana storm. I was offered a discount code, though…pretty sure I’m going to take them up on that offer!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 16

Finally, we were able to taste test three sample flavors of GU – Apple Cinnamon, Salted Watermelon, and Caramel Macchiato. My favorite was Caramel but then again, if caramel is involved it will always be my favorite!

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 15

Before continuing on our way, we stopped by the Wall of Fame for a quick 5 year photo…

Rock n Roll NOLA Expo 17

…and I picked up a few 5 year runner gifts from the Rock n Roll Booth. Each 5 year participant received a t-shirt of their choice size (which was nice) and a 5 year key chain.

Overall, it was a nice Expo and I enjoyed wandering through, checking out all of the vendors. It was fun to see so many familiar (and new) faces. I just love the atmosphere at an Expo – everyone's excited and nervous about their upcoming race…there’s nothing quite like it!

What’s your favorite part of an Expo?


  1. Looks like fun! I was so jealous of everyone who got to try the new Gu flavors. I am a huge fan of the salted caramel so I can't image how good the salted watermelon is!

    1. Salted caramel is my favorite, too! Salted watermelon was pretty good...not sure what I was expecting but it tasted just like a slice of watermelon with a bit of salt on top! :0)

  2. I think the Rock n Roll races have some of the best expos (besides Disney of course). Looks like the same theme we had a VA Beach last year! Always so many fun things to do. Did they have that booth were you race other runners up a mountain?

    1. Yeah they sure did! That's part of the area we skipped, the lines were so long!

  3. Sooo glad I got to see you again! You had a blast at the expo! With the tweet up taking up so much time I didn't spend as much time as I normally would have at the expo. We opted to explore New Orleans instead! :-)

    1. Same here, Mindy! :0) Glad y'all were able to see the sights!

  4. Glad you had fun at the expo! I love expos!

  5. I love the energy at expos also. I've been known to go to them even if I'm not running the attached race. They always pump me up.
    Those t-shirts look huge!

    1. I like that! Never been to an Expo if I'm not running the race, but if I had the opportunity, I would! :0)
      The tshirts are typical standard size...I think the angle of the picture makes them look bigger than they are.

  6. This expo looked like a ton of fun! I always love sampling new energy gels/bars!

    Love all the photos - that is awesome you have been running this race since its inaugural year!

  7. I loved the Expo at the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll event that I attended several years ago. We got there at opening time and scored some awesome swag. This one looks no different and the theme of the Brooks booth looked so fun! We need to sign up for another RNR race!

  8. I love the expo and somehow it didn't look like run Disney craziness. I love that you got a shirt for five years too! That is awesome!!! Can't wait to read your recap! Expo looked fun.

    1. It wasn't crazy at all! It does become a bit more crowded on Saturday afternoon but we went early enough in the day, we were able to avoid all of that. Thanks, it was a lot of fun! :0)

  9. SO glad we finally got to meet!!

    Congrats again on being a legacy runner- so glad yall got special treatment!

    1. same here, was great to finally meet you! Thanks so much, Abby!

  10. It was great to actually get to see you!


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