Monday, August 4, 2014

American Cancer Society Gala 2014

What a weekend! I am worn out but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!

On Saturday night, I attended our American Cancer Society’s annual Gala – this year’s theme was Old Hollywood.

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (4)

I absolutely loved our table centerpieces!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (5)

This was one type…

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (6)

…and this was the other!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (7)

We also included a red carpet runway as guests arrived. Our photographer stood at the runway like paparazzi!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (3)

My friend Katie – she seriously rocks. Jason had to work and didn’t arrive until later in the evening, so I have no pictures of us together. Sad times.

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (8)

Finger foods at the “before” party – it was delicious! Actually, ALL of the food was delicious!

A few event revenue enhancers at our event included a photo booth…

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (16)

…complete with props…

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (9)

….each person received a printed picture, and they were given the option to post the photo to facebook and/or email it to themselves! Loved it!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014

This is me with my best friend literally forever…Jane!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (15)

Another enhancer was the Candles of Hope table – guests could light a tea light in honor of a survivor or in memory of a loved one who lost their battle with cancer.

Not pictured here (because they all sold super fast) are boxes that were filled with area restaurant gift cards. Included with each box was a ticket which would give you a chance at college football season tickets to our local University!

Our silent auction was located in another corner, but I never got around to it for pictures.

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (2)

My awesome survivor friend Erin and I were Emcee’s for the evening!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (12)

For starters, we accepted awards on behalf of the Academy. It was rather funny if I do say so myself! :D

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (13)

We also helped our guests see the impact that ACS has made in our area – from not smoking in restaurants (at all) to wigs, transportation, patient assistance programs, etc…

Our guest speaker was a cancer survivor of 10 years – she was diagnosed in 2004 with stage for colo-rectal cancer and is still surviving today! What an amazing story!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (14)

To cap off the evening, a local band rocked the house – no really, the are incredible! They are called the Flamethrowers and are the area’s hottest and most sought after band at the moment. I loved them!

ACS Gala Old Hollywood 2014 (17)

Oh yes, I almost forgot about the black and white movie that played on the overhead screen (silent of course)! Nice touch, huh? :)

What do you think of Gala’s? Have you ever attended one? Do you like to get dressed up for fancy events? (I love it!)


  1. That looks like an amazing night! The theme is awesome! I love getting all dressed up but hardly ever get to do it! You looked gorgeous!!!

  2. You look fabulous! Too bad you didn't get a picture with Jason. Did he dress up too. The glast Gala I went to was for the Civil War ball and it was fun to see people dressed up from that time period. My sister and I go to a Murder Mystery weekend every year and there is always a dress up theme and that is fun too!

    1. Thank you! Yes, he did dress up. We couldn't find the professional photographer anywhere. :( That's so much murder mysteries!!

  3. Everything looks fantastic, including you! I just love your outfit! I put together a couple of gala's when I was in college and they were always a blast! Glad you had a great night :0)

  4. Looks like it was done so well. Congratulations! I really do enjoy Galas. Each year the CCTFA throws a gala for Look Good Feel Better and now (a program made to continue the support). It's so good to see every come together & build up support. ~Catherine

    1. Is look Good Feel Better the ACS program for women? I'm familiar with it if so! That's awesome, love to see a community of support like that!! :)


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