Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dumbo Double Dare Flashback

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals-1

For those of you travelling to Disneyland this weekend for the Disneyland Half Marathon/Dumbo Double Dare, I hope you have a fabulous time! I cannot wait to read race recaps and hear all of the exciting stories from the races! I had so much fun last year, I’m a little sad to miss out on everything this time around (but I’m definitely looking forward to Wine & Dine)!

Disneyland 10K California Adventure

If you haven’t packed yet or if you want to double check that you didn’t miss anything, here’s a few packing lists I made before Princess last year:

Also, here’ s a few YouTube videos/vlogs I made of last year’s race weekend experience….

The Expo
(I’m curious to hear how this changes from last year – it was such a madhouse!)

Disneyland 10K

Disneyland Half Marathon

Disneyland Half Marathon Angels Stadium 5

Running through Angel Stadium was definitely a highlight of the race for me! I loved being in the ballpark and on the field with other runners. The energy in the stadium from our “fans” was incredible, too!

Disneyland Half Marathon 29

P.S. – If you watched the Disneyland Half Video above, you saw that I BUSTED it on the streets of Anaheim. BE CAREFUL, I wasn’t paying attention and hit a patch of water…and down I went. Whoopsie!

Are you running Disneyland this year? Have a MAGICAL time!!


  1. I can't wait to read everyone's posts and see pictures this weekend too! Wish I could be there!

  2. SO BUMMED I'm not going, I had a blast at this race last year, one of my most memorable vacations!

    1. YES! We enjoyed spending so much time with you guys, too! An overall fun experience!

  3. I am sad that this race is always the same weekend as VA Beach. Honestly I don't think any races should be on holiday weekends!

  4. I can't wait to do this race weekend looks like so much fun! Love your Mouseketeer costume from last year!

    1. It really is a blast! I would love to run it again! Thanks, that's one of my favorite costumes to date!! :)

  5. I loved this race last year, but am excited for Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach. We are also changing things up by trying Tower of Terror for the first medal for the rack!

    1. Love running new races, it's nice to try something different every once in a while! :)


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