Friday, November 14, 2014

Fitness Friday–Disney Week!

Hey guys! It feels SO good to be home. I had a wonderful time on vacation but always love coming home to my two rotten fur balls….they missed us terribly and showered us with love as soon as we walked into the door. :) I also can’t wait to catch up on my blog reading!

It’s Friday again, so it’s time for another Fitness Friday! 

We spent the past week on vacation at Disney where walked, ran a few races, then walked, and walked some more. I thought it would be fun to share my fitbit stats with you!

Currently training for:
Louisiana Half Marathon
Rock ‘n’ Roll NOLA Half Marathon
Disney’s Glass Slipper Challenge (Enchanted 10K + Princess Half Marathon)

Wine & Dine Half Marathon (3)

When we go to Disney, we like to enjoy the parks…we stay in them as much as possible. The only time I didn’t wear my fitbit was while I was running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and during the after party (because it rained the ENTIRE time). We also had a few first timers with us, so we made sure to show them as much as possible…hence the large amount of walking during the week!

Friday – 7 miles walked (travel day plus Expo and Downtown Disney)
Saturday –  7.5 miles walked - plus a 5K, plus a half marathon and 2 hours of walking around Epcot at the after party – in total, around 25 miles! I didn’t obey the cardinal rule to take it easy during race day…whoops.
Sunday – 7.5 miles walked
Monday –  10.4 miles walked (Parks + Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at night)
Tuesday –  8.5 miles walked
Wednesday – 10 miles walked (we started early and made it to three theme parks and one stop at our resort during the day!) 
Thursday – 3.7 miles walked  (travel home day)

It’s no wonder my feet were sore at the end of each day! Exhaustion set in by Thursday and I definitely slept the entire three hour drive home from the airport…poor Jason.

Anyway, I have so much to share about the race and our experiences throughout the week! Despite the steady rain during the race itself, I had a BLAST running the race and goofing off with friends at the after party (yes, we stayed until four a.m.)…I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it! I also vlogged during the races, so stay tuned for those!

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!! I have a local 10K to run on Saturday and it ends on our University’s 50 yard line! Can’t wait!

Do you like to see and do when on vacation or do you like to relax? I think a healthy dose of both is a great combination!


  1. Wow those stats are crazy! I'm looking forward to seeing how many miles/steps when we get there! Glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. Guess you could have run a marathon Saturday Karen! We go all out on vacations and always come home tired!

  3. Its hard to imagine how much walking we all do at the parks, but its amazing to see those numbers add up! Walking the parks is definitely a workout!

  4. I lost the charger to my fitbit, I am so mad! I love seeing how much I walk in Disney

  5. I can't wait to wear my fitbit in Disney to see how far I walk in a day! Going to the parks is a race in itself :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  6. Glad you guys had a great trip to Disney! Hope your 10K went well!


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