Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Fitness Favorites Take 2

Christmas Fitness Favorites Title

Last year, I shared several of the fitness/running specific gifts I received for Christmas. Well, Santa was good to me yet again….and I received several items that will assist with training for my upcoming half marathons (and might help some of you), so I decided to share with all of you! Here they are….

KT Tape
Christmas Fitness Favorites (10)

I’m relatively new to the KT Tape world, but I’m not new to IT Band injury. After wearing a neoprene knee sleeve for (what felt like) ever, I finally bit the bullet and tested out a roll of KT Tape this past fall. I can honestly say it makes a huge difference - I love the support the KT Tape gives to my knee. I also love that their website has a ton of at-home-self application videos to watch which makes it easier on the beginner. The fun colors are really nice, too! I’ve never tried the PRO tape (blue roll on the top), but I’m interested to do so!  Side note: I sure hope they bring back the Red polka dot Minnie KT Tape at the Princess Half Marathon Expo! I missed out on them at the Wine & Dine Expo because they sold out…whomp whomp. 

Mizuno Wave Inspire
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Ever since the Mezamashii project, I’ve been hooked. I love Mizuno’s and the Wave Inspire’s are my go-to shoe! You know when you find “the shoe”, the one that just clicks and everything feels right – you just know it was meant to be? That’s these shoes for me. I love the colors, too!

Lock Laces & GU
Christmas Fitness Favorites (11)
Somehow, Santa knew ALL my favorite GU flavors (ok, maybe it wasn’t Santa, but my sister in law is just as nice)! I’m a fan of GU with caffeine, so these are perfect! Lock Laces are a new thing for me – I’ve had a friend who used them but I’ve never owned a pair myself. I’m definitely interested to try them out! If you aren’t familiar, Lock Laces are shoe laces that basically always stay tied! Sounds pretty cool to me! 

New Balance
Christmas Fitness Favorites (5)
Soooo, I kinda received these shoes at the Wine & Dine Expo, then they got wrapped and placed under the tree as soon as we arrived home…. :D I love these runDisney inspired New Balance shoes! They are only available at the runDisney race expos and I hear that New Balance is bringing this Cinderella style/pattern back for 2015! Also, stay tuned to New Balance’s website/social media for updates on the new additions to their current models!

Fitbit Aria
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After receiving the Fitbit back in November as a gift, I knew right away that I also wanted the Aria (scale) to go along with it! This scale not only tells your weight and body fat percentage, it also recognizes up to 8 people in your household. My husband received a Fitbit One for Christmas, so he’s also synced to the Aria and it knows the difference between the two of us! Pretty neat, huh? I had a little bit of trouble setting it up, but once I got going, it was fine and all works well now! My poor dad – he thought I wrote down the Fitbit “Ana” and he couldn’t figure out what in the world I was talking about… lol Whoops!

Raw Threads
Christmas Fitness Favorites (4)
Christmas Fitness Favorites

Santa hooked me up with Raw Threads this year! I absolutely LOVE these shirts and actually, I gave them as gifts to several (at least three different) friends for Christmas! (The shirts given as gifts are not pictured here.) Princess in Training, Snow, Minnie Bow, and Castle to Castle…I definitely can’t choose a favorite, I love them all! These shirts are made of a soft bamboo and organic cotton which fit incredibly well and are oh so comfortable! I’ve also worn these to run in and they are great! I love the Raw Threads “Disney”/race themed shirts and am so happy to add these to my collection! If you’re interested, check them out – their huge sale ends on 12/31/14!

As you can see, I now have several items to add to my running collection and I can’t wait to test them all out!

Did you receive any fitness related items for Christmas this year? Please share, I want to hear all about them!! :)


Congratulations to Mindy, winner of the FitMas Week 4 giveaway (the Flip Belt)! Please send your info to kren2700@gmail.com and I’ll get it to them asap! :)


  1. The KT tape pro sticks better for me, and the polka dot minnie should be back :)
    I love my scale, when we moved and I had to resync it, it was a PAIN to figure out though, so just...don't move or anything haha.

    1. I've heard that about the KT protape ! Guess we'll find out soon! :) good to know about the scale, too! Haha

  2. No gifts this year. Santa brought me photography stuff and a trip to Disneyland for the Star Wars Half. 😀 i did recieve some GO tape samples. I am excited to try them for my plantar problem.

  3. I actually gave some raw threads items as gifts too! My fitness gift this year was a Nordic track Bike! We put it together last night and am excited to ride it today!

    1. What a great gift! Have fun with the bike! Love RT! :)

  4. I gave a few fitness related gifts and received a few as well. I gave some fuel and running socks (Thoro Experia brand) and a few items from Athleta. My favorite running related gift I received was a coupon for shirts for my sister and myself to wear for the Boston Marathon. They will be designed by Christine with our names and some clever graphic with maybe a photo when we were kids!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love it! What a super thoughtful gift!


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