Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Make Mine Music

Today’s Wordless Wednesday is focused around music, one of my favorite things about Walt Disney World! Here, you’ll find just a few of my all-time favorite sources of music around the parks and resorts! :)

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Theme: Make Mine Music

Make Mine Music Walt Disney World Music

Make Mine Music Walt Disney World Music (5)

Make Mine Music Walt Disney World Music (3)

Make Mine Music Walt Disney World Music (4)

Make Mine Music Walt Disney World Music (2)

Christian is one of my favorites! Between him and the GF Orchestra, I could sit in the Grand lobby and listen to them play all night long! 

Are you a music fan? What’s your favorite source of music at WDW or DL?


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Focused on the Magic


  1. Never knew there was a pianist in the GF lobby. Your photos are great and yes, I am a big fan of music!

  2. I LOVE music! And pretty much ALL of the music at Disney World is my favorite lol!

  3. I always have fun listening to the music acts. One of my favorites are the drummers in Japan. When they're playing, I can hear the drums on the other side of the lagoon.

  4. I love all the musical entertainment at WDW. Good that you have some great pics of them!

  5. Can I say all of the above??! My newest WDW music addiction would have to be the Grand Floridian Lobby Society Orchestra. (Especially if I have a cocktail from Mizner's in hand!)

  6. I also love the music. One group that I am always impressed with at WDW is the guys who play music with the trash cans.

  7. Great pics, I love the piano playing at the GF - that puts me right in the holiday spirit.

  8. All great!! I could listen to the GF lobby music all day as well. I just love Disney musical entertainment!!


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