Monday, April 20, 2015

Disney Princess Half Trip Day 2

I left off on our Disney Princess Trip Recap after Day 1 which was spent at the Expo and relaxing at our hotel. Day 2 was Friday where I cheered Jason on during the 5K. After the race, we went back to our hotel to change, then spent the remainder of our day between the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Walt Disney World (1)

I was a little disappointed about the castle area construction! It’s just not the same without the partners statue!

Walt Disney World (2)

Our main reason for going to the Magic Kingdom was to eat lunch at Pecos Bill. We both love that place! :)

Walt Disney World (3)

It was delicious as usual!

Our next stop was Hollywood Studios to use our mid-day fast passes.

Walt Disney World (4)

The lack of a hat was kinda strange! Although I do admit – it’s nice to be able to see the front of the Chinese Theater once again!

Walt Disney World (5)

We rode Toy Story Mania and guess who won? (ME!)

Walt Disney World (15)

Yes sir!

We had plenty of time before our next fast pass, so we took a few pictures in front of Cinderella’s carriage from the new movie!

Did I mention it was cold that day? Cause it really was! I had on several layers of jackets – we were freezing!

Walt Disney World (16)

Our next fast pass was my favorite of the whole trip! I’d never seen the Frozen Sing-Along but heard that it was really cute.

Walt Disney World (17)

Y’all. This attraction is adorable. Seriously, I loved it.

Now don’t get me wrong, too much “Frozen” is just too much. And I’m not all into the whole Frozen fever thing, but I really thought this sing-along was very well put together!

Walt Disney World (18)

My husband says it was “just ok”. Secretly deep down inside, I know he liked it.

Walt Disney World (6)

As we left Hollywood Studios, I purchased a caramel apple so I could enjoy it throughout the weekend before boarding the cruise ship on Monday morning.

Walt Disney World (14)

Dinner on Friday evening was at Chef Mickey’s. I hadn’t been to Chef Mickey’s since December of 2007 and couldn’t remember much about the experience.

As we waited for our table, we hung out with Heather and Bobby in the waiting area because they were just finishing up their meal.

Walt Disney World (13)

The atmosphere here is great and the character interaction is fun…I just wish they had a wider variety to choose from on the buffet (that’s a personal opinion though as I know a lot of people love this place)!

Walt Disney World (7)

A mixture of both of our plates…

Walt Disney World (11)

Walt Disney World (8)

The characters were fun to interact with, especially Pluto! He was quite a goofball!

After dinner, we browsed through the shops at the Contemporary, then began the trip back to our hotel. It was getting late and I had a 10K to run the following morning!

Have you ever eaten at Chef Mickey’s? What’s your thoughts if so?


  1. Fun! Yes....I was bummed about the statue in front of the castle being covered up from the construction too. Just not the same. I've never been to Chef Mickey's but it looks so fun! Cinderella's carriage was so beautiful!

    1. That was so crazy and I wasn't prepared for it. Oh well...I've heard it looks amazing now! :)

  2. Love your character pics! Especially PLUTO!! So cute!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! We had fun goofing off with the characters! :)

  3. Fun! Oh, man, Hollywood Studios looks SO different without the hat! I was so happy to see it/take pictures in front of it one last time during Marathon Weekend. I love that Cinderella's carriage is on display, that's awesome!

  4. ooooooo-that caramel apple. Yumm!!


  5. I loved being able to see Cinderella's carriage when we were at Disney a couple of weeks ago. It was gorgeous to see in person!

  6. Was so great to see yall that night, i'm glad you texted me!

  7. The dinner at Chef Mickeys is my least favorite. I prefer the breakfast hands down. This August we are trying the brunch. We'll see. Maybe it's the best of both worlds.

    1. I kind of agree with you! I liked Chef Mickey's ok, but I'm not marking it as a favorite for sure. Hope you guys enjoy the brunch!!


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