Tuesday, April 14, 2015

February Disney Trip Part 1

Did anyone catch Dancing with the Stars last night? I LOVE Disney night and ABC went above and beyond on this season’s episode. My favorite dance of the night was the Pirates of the Caribbean dance and I love how Riker got 100% into the Jack Sparrow character! Overall great episode and definitely one of my favorites!

Speaking of Disney, I realized that I never shared anything outside of the races during our Princess Half Marathon trip!

Overall it was a really fun trip and I enjoyed spending time with friends and making new ones!

Our flight left Houston super early in the morning (around 6 a.m. maybe?) which put us landing at MCO around 9 a.m.! I loved having an entire day to spend at Disney that wasn’t mostly filled with travel!


Obligatory MCO picture :)

Did I mention that it was SUPER cold in Disney when we landed? Like, holy cow this is COLD. I was dressed in so many layers, it was a bit ridiculous!


Magical Express was not busy and we were able to get right on a bus to Coronado Springs.


I loved my Magic Band addition – simply cut with vinyl on a Silhouette Cameo!


The best sight in the world (and Carissa)!


Our resort of choice was Coronado Springs. A friend of mine warned me about the huge size of this resort, but I’d stayed there before in 2009 with Heather and didn’t think anything of it because we were close to the main building and enjoyed our stay there. Well this time around….even though I requested a building close to the lobby and a first floor room…we were placed literally in the very BACK corner of the resort, a good 10-15 minute walk from the lobby (and we were placed on the second floor). To be honest, I didn’t mind it at all – we had a bus stop right outside our room which was super convenient, especially for the races. We also weren’t on the dining plan which means we didn’t have refillable mugs to worry about (thank goodness)! Had the later been true, I would have been a little more annoyed. Does anyone know if there’s another refillable mug station at Coronado apart from the lobby? If not, there should be!


Jason and I hung out at our room for a few minutes, then hopped a bus to the Expo. We met up with our friend Randy for lunch at the Wide World of Sports Grill and it was GOOD!


My friend Lisa also happened to be at the Expo so I messaged my location to her and we were able to meet up for a quick hello. She also brought goodies to me which were amazing!!


YUM! Cadbury chocolate is my favorite! :) I also brought her a gumbo mix…hope she enjoyed!

After the Expo, we decided to bypass park plans and take a nap instead. I’m SO glad we did!!


Dinner that evening was at Ohana with friends.


Always a favorite, I love this place!! (I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me talk about it, but it really is my favorite restaurant on property!)


Here’s a few pictures of our food…it was delicious as always! We also had a vegetarian at our table and they fixed an extra special dish just for her! So nice!


On our way back to the Magic Kingdom bus stop, we spotted Wishes from outside the Magic Kingdom. It was neat to see a different view! We stood and watched for a while, then began walking to the buses to beat the crowd.

Overall it was an amazing first day at Disney! We went to sleep as soon as we returned to the room because Jason was participating in the 5K the following morning!

How do you typically spend a travel day at Disney? Parks when you get there? Take a nap? Relax?


  1. I still have not been to Ohana but maybe on our next trip! We usually forgo a park day when we arrive at Disney, but when we go to TInk next month we plan to go to DL after arriving. We only have a few days in CA so we did not want to miss out on anything!

    1. That's a great idea, Pam! Hope you ladies have so much fun!! :)

  2. After doing the "park commando" thing for so many years, I've been thinking about taking a more relaxing approach next time I visit. No hurries or "see it all right now!" attitude. Sounds good. I just hope it sticks. People go in with the best laid plans and then they get there and...

    1. This was our first time to do the same and it was lovely! That's oh so true, though... LOL

  3. I loved dwts last night. I really like Kim and Robert's Mary Poppins dance. Too bad it got low scores. Depending on what time our flight gets in to MCO will determine if we go to the parks on the first day!

    1. Oh their Mary Poppins dance was so cute, too!!

  4. We stayed at Coronado Springs for Marathon Weekend in 2014 and had a great experience. Since my parents were traveling with us we figured they'd appreciate a more "business" oriented hotel, and they loved the resort!

    1. That's great! I enjoyed it as well but wished we were closer to the main building. Seriously, take Coronado Springs map, pick out the furthest building from the main entrance at the very back near the parking lot, and that's where our room was located! Haha!

  5. I love Coronado Springs! I'm pretty much a nutcase, so the second the plane lands -- which tends to be around 9 in the morning -- we are headed to either a race expo and then the parks, or straight to the parks. Haha. I tend to make Epcot the first stop of the trip so we can wander around the World Showcase and have dinner. :)


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