Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Neverland Themed Baby Shower

This past Saturday, I helped throw a baby shower for one of my best friends! We've been friends since...forever...and served in each other's weddings. We always talked about how much fun it would be to get pregnant at the same time and...well, it happened! Her due date is about 3 weeks before mine!

Her nursery colors happen to be green and yellow with touches of gray and maroon. It's also a Neverland theme! Neverland? Disney? No problem!! :)

As I set out to begin planning ideas for the shower, I noticed that there wasn't much "out there" in regards to a Neverland Baby Shower theme. There were plenty of Jake and the Neverland Pirates kids parties, but not baby showers. So, I had to wing it and make most of the decorations/corsages myself.

I didn't mind one bit, though...it helped pass the time in the afternoons. Instead of going for a run (per doctor's orders), I made baby shower decorations!

One of the shower hosts also made the shower invitations herself and they were darling! 

Another one of the shower hosts graciously let us use her home and I was in heaven when I walked in...y'all, she's as big of a Mickey fan as I am!! Loved it! The food was all delicious, too!

These Tink jars were from a facebook inspiration I happened across one day. Check out how easy they were to make!!  They were an adorable touch, too!

For decor, I basically chose a few popular quotes from Peter Pan and cut the designs out on my Silhouette machine. 

This one was my favorite! :) I also googled Neverland fonts and used one called "Gust of Wind". 

Since her colors were yellow and green, we went with yellow lemonade to drink. No southern shower is complete without sweet tea, too! :)

Sign in area...

I'm also not really a fan of shower games and all of the other ladies were fine with that, so we just had one - guess how many kisses are in the baby bottle. :)

Gifting area! :)

We also used fresh flowers in the themed colors.

Dessert included cake balls and cupcakes. Oh my gosh these cake balls were to die for!!

The momma to be with all of her shower hostesses! (Is that even a word? Or is it hosts? Hostess? I'm so confused...)

I've wanted to take pictures like this since the day I discovered we would be pregnant at the same time!

Our bellies were finally big enough, so why not? :) 

I can't wait to see the nursery all set up and ready to go! Our babies will be here before we know it!!


  1. I love this theme!! What an awesome shower! You had also had me at sweet tea! Your photos are adorable! I love friend. How great y'all get to share 9 months together.

    1. Thanks Sarah! It's been fun sharing this experience together for sure! :)

  2. Such a cute theme & not an overused one either! How fun to be pregnant together!

    1. Thanks Traci! I agree, I liked that the theme wasn't overused! :)

  3. You guys did an amazing job! I love the cut outs you made. Hey, I think you could moonlight as an event planner!

  4. Love that theme! I know you had fun planning!

  5. Lovely theme. You could have also used party printable... cool & every affordable

  6. First off, congrats on the babies. This was the sweetest blog today! I'm also throwing a friend a baby shower this Sunday in one of the Venues in NYC. The party is already arranged so maybe we won't have the intimate setting as you have, but I am sure we'll make her day as special and magical as we can. God bless, and happy holidays!

    1. Best of luck to you guys! Have a great shower!! :)


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