Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merrytime Cruise - Disney Wonder Day 6

Hello there and welcome! Today's blog is a long overdue continuation of our Disney Wonder November cruise (and Baby Moon) out of Galveston! When I left off, we were on our last excursion day which meant we had two glorious at sea days remaining ahead of us!

Here's a recap of previous days incase you missed them...

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  • Disney Wonder Day 3 (Cozumel, Mexico) 
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  • Disney Wonder Day 6 (At Sea Day) 
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  • I decided to sleep in on our at sea day, so I didn't get to go for a run that morning. I definitely didn't mind as my body told me I needed rest! 


    We also came incredibly close to Cuba that day (there's a land picture further down).

    First up on our agenda was an adult only Disney Trivia game followed by brunch in Palo! YUM!

    We hadn't eaten in Palo since our first Disney Cruise on the Magic, so I felt like it was definitely time! I was also super seasick the last time we visited Palo, so I didn't get to enjoy it at all.

    My husband's a gamer and this goes back to a joke from our first cruise - he turned Palo into HALO! Silly boy.

    Everything about Palo is so ornate!

    Even the piano plays itself! :)

    The restaurant was also decorated for Christmas!

    You guys. I could have eaten for DAYS in here. DAYS I tell you!  That sticky bun was to die for...oh my gosh. Baby Seal definitely liked it, too!

    My personal favorite on the cruise (hands down) is Strawberry Soup. I had no clue it was on the menu in Palo, so that was the first thing I ordered! Definitely made this pregnant girl's heart happy!

     Our waitress was phenomenal...we loved her! One of her tips was to split as much food as possible so we could taste more! (Best advice ever!) 

    We split a pizza that was made half Jason's way and half mine!

    The desserts....oh my goodness the desserts!

    We each chose several desserts and ate off each others plates!

    As a final item, our waitress convinced us to try the soufflé. We had no idea where to put it, but we agreed and are so glad we did!

    Overall, our Palo experience was incredible and we enjoyed everything about it! I highly recommend Palo for a special occasion (or even if you just need a little getaway from the kids). We determined that it's not something we would do every single cruise, but it's fun to know the option is there if and when we decide to eat there again! The price for brunch is an additional $25 per person.

    After eating, we decided to walk around the upper deck for a few minutes to let our food settle.

    Ahoy there, Mickey!

    The adult pool on our sea day...

    The family pool...

    ...and the kids pool! Not near as crowded as I expected it to be!

    Remember my mention of Cuba? There it is!

    I'm pretty sure we spent the remainder of the afternoon napping. It is possible we played more Disney Trivia, too!

    I do know one thing - we didn't eat again until dinner time!

    After watching the comedian (who did a great job, by the way) in the theater, we headed over to dinner. Attire that evening was semi-formal and it was the Captain's Gala which meant lobster was on the menu!

    So yummy!

    Dessert time!

    Mickey lost his ear! Sad times!

    After dessert, our waiter spent a few minutes with us (as he did every night), showing us a few napkin folding tricks. This is actually more fun than it sounds!!


    I loved the lobby all decorated for the holidays!

    We had our picture taken in front of the gorgeous tree, then decided to head over to the adult only area. I'm pretty sure it was 80's night which is always super fun!

    That's it for Day 6 of our Merrytime cruise on board the Disney Wonder! Next week's recap will be our 7th and final day (whomp whomp). I hope you've enjoyed these recaps so far! Have a great day!! :)

    Have you ever eaten at Palo? What were your thoughts?


    1. I'm dying to take a Disney cruise, but I doubt it will happen with Tom. Your photos are great and the Palo brunch looked really tasty. I will get Tom on a cruise to the Caribbean in February, but not a Disney one!

    2. love palo! My fav brunch item besides dessert is the chicken Parmesan!

    3. Aww, looks like so much fun! I also love the strawberry soup! Actually, I tried to try all the fruit soups on the cruise. They come up with some wild ones!


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