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Merrytime Cruise - Disney Wonder Day 3

Happy Wednesday!

I'm back today with a continued recap of our recent cruise on board the Disney Wonder! If you missed a recap, you can find them here:
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  • Disney Wonder Day 3 (Cozumel, Mexico) 
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    • On Day 3,  we had our first port day in Cozumel, Mexico. When looking for excursions prior to sailing, I came across a ruins/cacao factory/cultural Mexico tour that was friendly for pregnant people, so I booked it!

      We woke up about an hour before disembark time and headed upstairs for breakfast at the buffet. 

      I also snapped a picture of our festive door! :)

       The one and only time I saw Mickey waffles on board. Whomp whomp.

      As our time for disembarking drew near, I noticed something was wrong. Somehow, we were still floating out in the ocean and Cozumel was in the FAR distance. We later discovered the reason behind our late arrival was something to do with strong currents or waves or something like that. However, we made it to Cozumel eventually, although we were two hours late!

      No matter the late hour, we were still able to take our planned excursion without any problems! Our captain also extended our time in Cozumel by about an hour, so we still had time to shop before re-boarding the boat. 

      The first stop was the Mayan ruins. We felt this part of the tour was interesting, although a little kid in our tour group kept stopping the tour guide to point out all of the iguanas that we saw along the way (which was incredibly distracting). She finally told him that iguanas in Cozumel are like squirrels in America, which I found rather funny!  He also interrupted her at one point to inform her that he was bitten by a "big black bug"......aka a mosquito. Welcome to humid climates, kid.

      These guys were literally all over the place!

      This was only one portion of the ruins. To see the more "popular" ruins, we would have had to ride a shuttle to the ferry then a ferry to the mainland. (I'm completely ok with the fact that we didn't do that although it would have been neat to explore!)

      Our next stop was the Mayan Cacao Company which was a really cool experience! We were shown how the Mayans made chocolate from the bean, then given a tour of how far chocolate has come to the sweet treat we know of today!

      Fresh from the bean, with lots of "extras"! 

      It was a neat demonstration to see! 

      Mayans used to drink chocolate as a beverage and only the rich/royalty were able to take part in it! This chocolate was also very bitter, so we were able to add "extras" to it in a little outside alcove. I was adding honey to mine when a bee decided it wanted to eat me for dinner. I found out later that it was a "sting-less" bee and I felt rather silly for running all over the place, trying to get it away from me! Whoops.

      Inside the gift shop were all kinds of flavors of chocolate bars...some were very interesting to taste! 

      Our final stop was the Discover Mexico cultural area where we were fed a delicious authentic lunch! 


      I poured some kind of "salsa" on my chips and booooyyyy I definitely should have done that! It was by far the hottest salsa I'd ever tasted! 

      The Discover Mexico center also had a lot of mini-replicas of Mexican cities as well as a group of men who performed a native ceremony that was neat to observe! 

      After being dropped back off at the port, we stopped by Starbucks (but didn't buy anything) and also did a little shopping! 

      We didn't stay long as we were getting tired! After a nap in our room, we decided we were hungry again, so we walked up to the top deck for a few chicken strips and fries! We were booked for late dinner and I couldn't wait 3 hours to eat, so this did just the trick! (Oh yes, there's a coke float in there, too!)

      Bye Cozumel!

      The theme of the evening was "Freezing the Night Away". I believe the night time show included a comedian which we skipped. Instead, we went out on deck to find a good spot for the Frozen show. After sitting for about 10 minutes, we were told that the area was reserved for handicap. I didn't mind at all, so we moved up to the top deck. Not five minutes later, the reserved area filled up again with people (non handicap) and no one told them anything! Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with that but oh well.

      We probably had a better view from the top deck, anyway!

      This was a fun little addition to our cruise which included Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Elsa! I'd never seen this show, so it was fun to see something new!

      The show ended with Elsa singing "Let It Go" (of course)!

      After the show, we made our way to dinner which was also Frozen themed! 

      How cute are these menus?! 

      Delicious dessert! :)

      Throughout the day, I also worked on Anna's chocolate scavenger hunt. This included finding clues throughout the ship along with a symbol at each clue. After completing a fill in the blank section on the back of this letter, we left it on our bed and awaited our "surprise" from Anna! (We received the surprise the following day.)

      Our towel animal that evening was a snake made out of the blanket from our bed! :)

      It wasn't long before we called it a night - the time change was getting to us and we were worn out!

      Stay tuned for Day 4 and our fun times in Grand Cayman!

      Have you ever been to Cozumel? If so, did you take an excursion there?


      1. Love Cozumel! We always go to Paradise beach, love it there!

      2. We have been to Cozumel, but rarely get off the boat in that port. I love your Frozen themed menus, how cute are they? I need to talk Tom into a Disney cruise if only so I can do the Castaway Cay race!

      3. I want to go on a Disney Cruise so I can decorate a We visited Cozemel before and even though it rained most of the day, we had the most fun! I love the frozen theme too and would love to see the stage show!

      4. What a fun day!!!!! I've never been to Mexico!

      5. We love Cozumel! However, if you ever get a chance to visit the Tulum ruins, it is totally worth the ferry trip over.

      6. As I'm reading I'm like no don't put the salsa...... Too late lol


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