Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Week 23

How many weeks are you now?
23 Weeks + 6 Days

Baby's size? 

Papaya - per the What to Expect app

Over the past two weeks, baby has GROWN. Oh my gosh. I only gained one pound, but I can definitely tell a difference where baby himself is concerned.

Look at the size comparison between two weeks...just TWO weeks!

It's also getting harder and  harder to sit up straight after eating.

So far, I'm ok in the swelling area and have been checking daily just to make sure. I do have compression socks but haven't needed them just yet.

You can read all about Saturday's long run attempt here. This week, I've continued to keep up the run/walk and it's working out well so far!
A top I purchased on Black Friday (which fit and was a little loose) is going to have to be brought back for a bigger size because I need it to last and with the growth rate of Baby Seal over the past two weeks, I don't foresee it lasting much longer!

All. The. Peppermint. Things. Did I mention peppermint??

I can tolerate some fish if it's not super fishy smelling (like tilapia).

Sleeping great now!

Nothing recently. We've been discussing what pieces of furniture to move where, what to get rid of, etc. I've done a little work but nothing that's enough to satisfy me just yet. We probably won't move anything out of the guest bedroom until after the holidays are through. That room looks like Christmas threw up in it, anyway.

What I miss: 
Running a long time/distance without stopping.

What I’m looking forward to:
Visiting with friends this weekend! :)

Best Moment of the Week:
I know it sounds silly, but I was so overwhelmed this weekend with my to-do list (Christmas shopping was a big one there). On Saturday, Jason went shopping with me and we were able to get 90% of the list complete! I felt SO much better (anxiety wise) after that!

To see a comprehensive list of pregnancy updates, click here!

That's all folks! Thanks for sticking around with me throughout this pregnancy process!

Have a great day!


  1. I was feeling some anxiety with Christmas shopping too, and got a lot off my list this week. It does feel good to be almost done.

  2. I have been super anxious about Christmas since I am hosting the ladies from my running group here Sat. night. But tomorrow I hope to get alot of things done....we will see. Glad things are going smoothly for you!

  3. About this time is when I had a big growth spurt. Even got a "wow, the baby's getting big!" comment from the doctor. ;) Looking great, Karen!


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