Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

How many weeks are you now?
22 Weeks + 6 Days

Baby's size? 
Spaghetti Squash - per the What to Expect app

Yesterday (mid-afternoon), I had a nerve type pain hit me in my lower back. It was so severe, I could hardly walk without sharp pains shooting down my leg.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon on a heating pad on the couch. Thankfully that seemed to ease it and I'm able to walk again, but I still feel it if I step wrong. I sure hop this goes away soon!

I'm also still having round ligament pain if I make any sudden movements.

I managed to get mileage in so far once this week - I'm hoping for this afternoon as a second if my back/nerve pain doesn't continue.
I purchased a few tops to wear to work in the coming weeks/months as my scrub tops won't fit much longer! :)

Back to cereal again...and salty chips!

Still fish.

Any Movement?
The kicks/pokes seem to be getting stronger and I feel them more often throughout the day.

Loving my snoogle! :)

Black Friday. Need I say more?! :)

What I miss: 
Sleeping on my stomach.

What I’m looking forward to:
Less stress/worry now that yesterday's ultrasound is over. Then again, does the stress or worry ever go away? Somehow I doubt it...I think that's just a part of being a mom! Haha!

Best Moment of the Week: 
Yesterday's ultrasound. After 2 weeks of uncertainty, reminding myself not to be afraid, leaning on faith, and lots of prayer, we have more answers.

For some reason, I felt a strange and odd peace about this ultrasound. Even walking into the building yesterday morning, I was scared but I had a feeling that everything was going to be alright. The song "No Longer Slaves" came on the radio the night before our ultrasound, right when I needed to hear it and that was incredibly reassuring. I kept reminding myself of these words over and over again....."From my mother's womb, You have chosen me..." "You drown my fears in perfect love..." Even the devotional that I read on a daily basis was all about being thankful in every situation and reminders of God's peace. I'm also grateful that the first anatomy scan took place when it did because we had the gender reveal a few days after, then Thanksgiving and decorating the Christmas tree followed by Black Friday, so my mind stayed mostly occupied. On Sunday, I had a rough day...and I mean ROUGH. I basically wanted to cry all day at the uncertainty of the situation. Right at the moment I needed it, Jason's aunt messaged me to ask how I was doing and to let me know that she was continuing to pray about our situation. Her words of reassurance and comfort made a world of difference. Overall, I just knew that God had (and has) His hand on the entire situation.

For this ultrasound, the tech was much more relaxed and comfortable explaining things to me which in turn helped me feel more at ease. She was super tight lipped about the last ultrasound and as a health care provider, I understand this completely - you never want to say "too much" or say something to "get yourself in trouble", especially when you see something that worries or scares you on a test or procedure. She explained that baby Seal's stomach is still a little "long" but it doesn't worry hear near as much as last time and she felt more comfortable with today's procedure than the previous one. She also took the time to show me his spine, heart (complete with four chambers...yay!), his face that's fully formed complete with lips, his kidneys (which are functioning), and his feet which are straight. I haven't said much on here about it, but basically everyone in my direct blood line has had some form of club foot (some more severe than others), but it bypassed me completely. Another family member was also born with a GI abnormality which is one of the main reasons I freaked out about the stomach situation. Anyway, back to the ultrasound - the tech explained that some babies do have longer stomachs than others and that could be the issue here. However, it looked much better today and baby is continuing to grow. I measured at 24 weeks 0 days although I should have been 22 weeks 5 I'm definitely thinking a late March baby vs an April Fools baby. Baby Seal is also weighing in at 1 pound 7 ounces!!

This is my new favorite ultrasound picture! He's giving us a fist bump/thumbs up! :)

We also managed a decent profile picture this the middle of the wiggling, that is! 

So, that's my update. I've appreciated all of the prayers, private messages, and words of comfort more than you'll ever know!!

Did you have any nerve-type pains while pregnant? If so, what did you do for them?


  1. You look so great! I'm glad to hear that everything went well with the ultra sound. I'm sure each time you have one and are able to see your healthy baby is reassuring.

    1. Thanks so much, Stacie! Yes, this US was super scary because it was a follow-up to check on the stomach. I'm so thankful everything is looking up! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you guys got good news about the little one :)

  3. That's your sciatic nerve. I had that really bad with both pregnancies. I hope it gets better for you it doesn't for me. Also I'm so glad to hear everything was good in the ultrasound!

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking! It's already feeling better so I'm crossing my fingers that it stays away!

  4. So glad to hear that everything went well at the ultrasound! Its always amazes me how quickly things can change from one scan to the next. Our little guy was measuring behind for awhile, and now he's measuring a bit ahead of schedule. You never know when baby will decide to make his big debut!

    1. Thank you, me too! Isn't it crazy how much growing and changing is going on in there?!

  5. I had bad round ligament pain (like couldn't get off the couch by myself) and my running sadly stopped about week 21 ish? So glad the u/s came back better!

    1. Ugh that stinks about the round ligament pain. I am so relieved about the US!!

  6. So glad to hear everything's ok!


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