Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend and Black Friday Shopping Part 1

This past weekend has flown by and it's hard to believe my 4 1/2 day work break has come to an end. Our Thanksgiving this year was filled with lots of fun and a birthday for Jason which made it even better!

On Wednesday afternoon, I began my annual baking tradition. This year, my list included pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls, pumpkin muffins, chocolate caramel dessert, and corn for Thanksgiving dinner. Since the rolls are from scratch, I put them together the night before Thanksgiving, then pop then in the oven that next morning. If you're interested in the recipe, you can find it here!

After finishing up with the cinnamon rolls, I decided to call it a night. While browsing facebook, I came across the facebook page of our local newspaper...who stated they were in a local grocery store parking lot, selling Thanksgiving papers out of a uhaul! Say what?!

I mentioned it to Jason and his response was, "Let's go!"...I didn't argue. 

Sure enough, not five minutes down the road from our house - there they were! I am so grateful because that saved me a 4 a.m. wake up call of going down to the local gas station for a paper!


It didn't take long to discover my husband's ulterior motive for going with me to pick up the paper - that's the Best Buy add he's looking at, by the way....

On Thanksgiving morning, I headed out for a Turkey Trot of my own. This was the first year my area wasn't hosting a Turkey Trot of any kind which made me super sad...whomp whomp. Oh well, guess I'll just have to find something else next year. I was excited to find the Fit Mouse Podcast's Thanksgiving episode, so I listened while I ran! :)

After the run, we had our annual brunch with my parents! 

Delicious as always! 

These cinnamon rolls really are amazing! 

Love my family! After everyone left, I finished up the Christmas decorating (mainly the tree) and looked through the paper to map out a Black Friday plan!

On Thanksgiving night, we had a dinner of spaghetti at my dad's house, because my brother and sister in law wouldn't be in town until Friday. 

Before  I knew it, Black Friday morning had arrived! My friends and I met up around 4 a.m. to hit the mall and look what we arrived to.....

Wow. Black Friday sure has lost the excitement it used to hold! Oh well...that meant less waiting time/lines for us! 

Let the fun begin! 

We stopped by Kohl's and Bath and Body Works, then drove through Starbucks for breakfast. 

At Target, I got a few deals for Baby Seal including a jogging stroller and a video monitor!

Carter's also recently opened up in our town (literally last week) and I definitely did a little damage in there. Apart from those mentioned, we also shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond, Academy, Michael's, and JCPenney! 

The Black Friday Team back at it again!

At JCPenney, we were the first in line for the final year of Mickey/Disney snowglobes. Whomp whomp. I own at least one from every year and am only missing a few of the "extras" when they gave out more than one style during those early years (2000/2001).

Our store's supply was INCREDIBLY small this year, too!

Mission accomplished! Woohoooo! 

After 12 hours of shopping, we decided to call it quits! We had a blast as always and I look forward to this day every year! Next year, I'll have a 7 month old! So crazy and hard to believe!!

Since this post is so long, I'll finish the rest up in part 2! :)

Do you Black Friday shop? What's your favorite places to go if so?


  1. I bought some Christmas decorations but didn't do any kind of other shopping on Friday, even online. I've gotten some gifts already, and will wait maybe a week more before I buckle down and order the rest.

    1. Yay for Christmas decor!! :) I do have several friends who are mostly finished shopping now...wish it was the same case here!

  2. LOVE that y'all make shirts for Black Friday!!! My hubby and I always go every year and his sister watches our boys for us so we can go. The past few years we have started on Thanksgiving night. We did that again this year and hit up Target and Best Buy. Then we went home with plans to get up early and go again. But Andy's sister got sick overnight and we had to go get our boys. We decided to just take them shopping with us since the stuff we got for them was bought the night before. So fun!

    1. fun!! Hope they enjoyed their Black Friday shopping experience!

  3. So glad you got your annual snow globe! So sad they won't be doing it anymore.
    Truth be told, i'd rather have spaghetti on thanksgiving. I'm not much on the tradition thanksgiving feast! -M

    1. I'm sad about the snow globes too! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! :)

  4. I love your Black Friday shirts! Too funny. I normally Black Friday shop, but decided to go to Disney for the day instead this year. I think I made the right call : )

    1. I definitely think you made the right call!! So much fun!

  5. Your black Friday shirts are so cute and I did remember that you wore matching shirts last year too. I love the annual snow globe, but I must admit, it got stressful the last few years. Glad you found some great bargains, especially for Baby Seal!

    1. I couldn't agree more, the snow globe thing got super stressful the last few years!

  6. I also got a great deal on a BOB stroller this past weekend. Amazon had a great deal going, and I had waited to redeem our Amazon registry discount until this weekend, so it really worked out in my favor. I can't believe the deal I got on the stroller!

    1. YAY that's awesome, Kathryn! I do love a good deal! :)


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