Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Weekend 2015

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Halloween weekend was wet, muggy, nasty, rainy, and humid. All. Weekend.

It didn't stop us from having fun, though!

On Friday, we all wore Halloween shirts to work!

I ordered mine off Etsy several weeks ago..

Coworkers! :)

One of our patients also brought us a huge basket of candy! Inside were these fireballs, which totally brought me straight back to my middle school years at the skating rink!

After my run on Saturday, I stayed home all day, relaxed, and finished some work for our upcoming girls honors night (which falls the day after I get back from vacation)! 

A friend of mine posted a picture of his pot of gumbo on facebook...which of course made me hungry for it, too! Yum!

The pups waited and waited for trick or treaters who never came...sad times.

They discussed moving trick or treating to Friday, but never did for some reason. Several churches did move their events to Friday night which worked out well!

I'm pretty sure my little Yoda was plotting ways to get me back here...

 My furbabies! Next year, I'll have another little one to dress up in costume! :)

Pixie and I matched...sort of!

Oh yes, and about that gumbo...it was delicious! 

Hello November 1st...officially Christmas music and peppermint mocha time! 

Sunday morning was also Superhero Sunday at children's church! We had so much fun with it and loved seeing all of the kids dressed as their favorite super heros!

Here's pregnancy brain at it's finest....I know that Snow White wears a yellow skirt - I even wore this costume for the Princess Half Marathon several years ago. Why on earth did I put on a red skirt? Heaven only knows! My poor brain.

One of my favorite superhero kids costumes was a little boy who dressed like his favorite Braves 2nd baseman, Jace Peterson! I just think that's so flattering and I loved it! Jace was raised in our church and comes home in the off season - and as an added bonus, he was there Sunday morning and the little boy had the opportunity to meet him! I love it when stuff like that works out!

Well, I hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed your Halloween! How was the weather in your area? Did you have any trick or treaters?


  1. No no no! I'm not ready for Christmas yet! I've started a shopping list but I'm not ready for the music or commercials :-p

    1. Hahaha I hear you. It's right around the corner!

  2. That Yoda costume is fantastic! I love it--and his expression goes RIGHT along with it! :)

    1. Isn't that look on her face hilarious?! I loved it!

  3. Glad you had a fun weekend. We had only one child come Trick or Treat at our house so there is alot of candy sitting in a big bowl in my kitchen. The gumbo looks really tasty, might just have to make some soon. Today I was asking my friends at lunch if Chick fil A had the peppermint shakes yet. They looked at me with a blank stare! Hopefully soon.

    1. OH I cannot wait!!! Will definitely be on the lookout! :D

  4. We had a beautiful weekend here but sadly no trick or treaters. I love that you got so many opportunities to dress up! The pups look cute too!

  5. Oh your little Yoda is precious!!!! I wore my Mickey skeleton shirt on Halloween too! Looks like such a fun weekend for you!!!


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