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Merrytime Cruise - Disney Wonder Day 2

Hi friends, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful time tomorrow no matter who you're spending the holiday with! This week's pregnancy update will be posted on Friday, so no blog tomorrow! Have a wonderful day! We have SO much to be thankful for! 


Welcome to another installment of our recent Merrytime Cruise on board the Disney Wonder! If you missed previous recaps, here they are!
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    • Also, I was a guest on a Disney podcast recently where we discussed runDisney, my journey as a runner, and my most recent cruise! I had a blast with Lisa, Dave, and Nick and enjoyed recording with them! You can hear all about it by visiting The Disney Exchange! Their podcasts are also accessible on apple devices in the "podcast" app. Check it's really funny!


      Our second day on board the ship was an at-sea day. I didn't have much planned but definitely wanted to check out a few of the items listed in the Navigator. First, my day began with a 3 mile run on the jogging deck. 3 laps around = 1 mile. I kept count by using the "K" lifeboat station as a marker. Get it? K for Karen? I'm a genus what can I say? (Right.)

      I also had room service deliver a few items so I could eat a little something before the run and a little something after I completed the run. Overall, the run was great - I love running on deck! I've attempted the treadmills but the motion of the boat makes me feel like I'm going to fall off! Wouldn't that be a lovely sight?

      While I was out running, Palo called because we needed to change our brunch reservation. You see, I booked brunch on the first at sea day at 11:30 p.m. Well, we received a letter on the first evening that we were being invited to a Gold/Platinum Castaway Club Reception...when? On the first at sea day at 11:30 a.m. (of course)! Luckily, Palo was able to accommodate us and changed our brunch reservation to another at sea day! YAY!

      The morning was SUPER foggy! It was interesting to me to see the oil riggs out in the gulf! So many people I know work "off shore" and this is where they go! 

      After breakfast, our first task was the napkin folding class. I heard through the grapevine that it was a fun one to attend, so we decided to try it! Jason actually had a lot of fun with the class which surprised me! 

      Us with our "Peter Pan Boots"

      Remember that Gold/Platinum reception I was talking about earlier? It came after the napkin folding class! This was our first cruise as gold members so we wanted to be sure we didn't miss it!

      It was a neat reception - basically, servers walked around with hors d' oeuvres and a few different types of alcoholic beverages. Also, the senior officers of the ship mingled with fellow guests and really took time to get to know them. I thought it was a really nice touch!

      On our way out, we also received Mickey rice crispy treats...WIN! 

      We did attend the DVC presentation, but only to put our names in the box for the $200 on board credit. Unfortunately, we didn't win..haha!

      We ate a late lunch (because we had a late dinner seating), then headed back to our room to relax, watch tv, and nap!

      Not before telling Pluto hello, of course!

      The sunset was another gorgeous one and I enjoyed it as I got ready for dinner!

      Dinner this evening was formal night, so we dressed our best and made our way to the lobby. The line for a picture with the tree was the longest I'd ever seen but I really wanted one for our Christmas cards this year. We braved the line but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! 

      As a random insert here - part of the photo line carried back into the adult club area and I decided to study the carpet...which led along the towns of Route 66. This city jumped out at me and made me laugh as this Louisiana girl spent a week (two different summers) in Kankakee Illinois with some of my favorite people...and we had a blast. We still talk about stories from those weeks! Awww the sentiment...

      We finally got our picture, then walked around a took a few more with my camera! :)

       The show that evening was the Golden Mickeys which we LOVE! So good!

      Dinner was in Triton's and the food was delicious! 

      We started paying more attention to our napkins each evening, too! Haha! was delicious!

      Jason received a little early "happy birthday" celebration that night.

      Our awesome table mates - we had so much fun! 

      After dinner, we walked out to the lobby to watch a little Christmas show that included Santa. It was super cute!

      Santa hard at work on the Disney Wonder in November! :)

      Even Mrs. Clause joined him. ;)

      The characters came out for a dance party with the kids and snow appeared in the lobby. So cute!

      After the show, we watched our favorite adults only event, "Match Your Mate" which was hysterical as usual. The couple who won had been married for 40+ years and were so cute! It was awesome!

      We returned to our room to find that we were losing an hour of sleep that night. Whoops. Oh well. We had a fun day in Cozumel planned and we couldn't wait! 

      Stay tuned for more fun on board the Disney Wonder! :)

      What's your favorite thing to do on a sea day on board a cruise ship?


      1. Sounds like so much fun! And I would LOVE to take that napkin class!!!

      2. I love the At Sea days cus it forces you to make your own fun onboard! I also like those VIP receptions. We are members on other cruise lines and get to go to their receptions, but not on DCL yet!


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