Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Merrytime Cruise - Disney Wonder Day 4

Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm back with another recap of our most recent cruise on board the Disney Wonder! :)

Here's a list of previous recaps in case you're just joining here...
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    • Our Day 4 itinerary included a stop at Grand Cayman and an adult only tour of the city, Turtle Farm, and Hell (Grand Cayman, that is)!

      We'd only visited Grand Cayman once before and it had been a really long time, so we enjoyed wandering the city before our afternoon tour took place.

      First, I took a  "bump" picture for my weekly pregnancy updates, then we headed upstairs for breakfast!

      I mostly ate the french toast and not so much the donut. I also wasn't a fan of the muesli this time.

      In order to get to Grand Cayman, you have to take a tender boat. For DCL in  particular, tender tickets are handed out to guests until around noon, then you can pretty much board the tender boats without any wait.

      Notice his shirt! :)

      Hello again, Grand Cayman!

      We were amazed by the roosters all over the city! 

      After shopping a while, we decided it was time for lunch. The city was so empty as we were the only cruise ship in port, so we pretty much picked whatever we wanted without any wait!

      After a little deliberation, we decided on Hard Rock. The food was good but definitely over priced (which we figured it would be).

      As the time drew closer for our excursion, we made our way towards the dock to meet up with our group. Thankfully, we didn't have to get on a tender boat and re-board the ship in order to meet up with our crew.

      Our first stop along the tour was the Cayman Turtle Farm.

      The conservation efforts that are taking place were really neat to hear!

      We also loved seeing all of the giant sea turtles up close!

      This is a crockigator (a cross between a crocodile and an alligator)! You can see his eyes/head/nose sticking out above the water.... He was found in Cuba, rescued, and brought to the Turtle Farm!

      We also had the chance to see the hatchery and hold baby sea turtles! If they started to squirm, all you had to do was rub under their chin and they would calm down. It was so cute!

      Baby Seal might have received a present from the gift shop here...a stuffed sea turtle named Sparky! :)

      Our last stop on the tour was one of the biggest tourist traps I'd ever seen - the city of Hell, Grand Cayman.

      The city is named "Hell" because of the black rock formations that can be found out behind the souvenir  shops.

      It was cool to see (and we mailed a post card to my parents as a funny-haha), but we were not impressed overall.

      On our way back to the dock, we drove past the 7 mile beach which was gorgeous!

      After returning, we stopped by the Tortuga factory for some rum cakes for my coworkers. They also had free wifi inside the store, so we text a few friends and checked social media, etc.

      Before we had a chance to leave the store, we were faced with a monsoon. Seriously, the rain was coming down in torrents and there were (what seemed like) huge rivers of water flowing throughout the port area. It was impossible to get back to the tender boats without being fully soaked although we tried our best. Just as soon as the monsoon began, it stopped and a beautiful rainbow came out to say hello!

      This is a tender boat, just in case you were wondering! :)

      Bye Grand Cayman! Until next time! :)

      The evening hosted another gorgeous sunset!

      Dinner that evening was in Animator's Palate which also brought along one of our favorite menu items, butternut squash soup! YUM!

      My husband might have skipped the salad option and ordered two bowls of this instead!

      Mickey also came out to say hello! :)

      Our wait staff on this cruise was beyond excellent! We had a fantastic time with them!!

      After another great day, we called it a night!

      Up next: Jamaica! Stay tuned! :)

      Have you ever been to Grand Cayman? What's your favorite thing to do there? We snorkeled on our first trip!


      1. We visited the Turtle Farm when we were there a few years ago, too! I loved being able to hold the turtles :) I NEED to take a Disney cruise!!!

      2. Haven't been to Grand Cayman but we swam with the turtles like the ones you saw in Barbados.

      3. We've been to Grand Cayman several times but never did either of those excursions. I am so glad that you reviewed "Hell" cus I was curious what it was all about. Now I know not to waste my time or money. Thanks you! Scott also has that same shirt as Jason but I don't think I ever saw him wear it :(

      4. We have been to Grand Cayman 2-3 times and always just hit up 7 mile beach, the water is so clear!

      5. Love the sea turtles...they are so awesome!

      6. I loved Grand Cayman! We visited Sting Ray City and visited Seven Mile Beach when we were there. The beach is amazing. Oh and, of course, we shopped.


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