Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Even though it was a warm and humid one down south, we still had a great time with our families! (Of course, a cold front passed through last night and we woke up to really cold temps this morning...silly weather.)

My voice decided not to fully return until the Saturday after Christmas - along with a few new developing issues (to be discussed in Thursday's update), I didn't make it out for a walk/run/nadda not one day this week. Honestly, I'm ok with that. Delivering a safe and healthy baby is my priority - exercise will be there in a few months! :) I also enjoyed sleeping in on Friday, Saturday, and a little on Sunday morning!

Our Christmas began at Jason's family's house where we ate traditional Christmas Eve fajitas, read the Christmas story, and opened gifts. Oh yeah, we also took our traditional "goofy" picture! :)

On Christmas morning, the Grinch and Max stopped by to say hello but didn't stay long. By that I mean, their getup was gone in seconds!

Last but not least, we spent Christmas Day with my family!

We enjoyed playing games...The Game of Things, y'all (it's hysterical)...eating lots of yummy food, and spending time together! Gifts were in the mix somewhere, too!

Madalynn figured out which gift belonged to her about 3 weeks ago and already opened it once (hence the shabbiness of the paper). She was SO READY to open this on Christmas night...watching her rip into the package was hilarious!

Overall, my Christmas was filled with lots of love, laughter, and time spent with family.

I so hate for Christmas to truly is a magical time of year! Until next year....only 362 days to go!

How did you spend your Christmas? Hope you had a great one!! :)


  1. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! When we first got married we put up a huge tree for the first few years. It got to be too much though so now I put up three smaller trees! (They're actually regular size, I just say small cus they are small in comparison to the big Those family pictures crack me up!

  2. So glad yall had a good Christmas! I saw the pic of the dogs on facebook and was laughing at those poor babies!

  3. What a fun Christmas! Always look forward to y'all's goofy pics!!! And just year will be even more special since it will be baby's first Christmas!!!


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