Friday, May 13, 2016

Fitness Friday - 5/13

Happy Friday the 13th! Another weekend is upon us and today is the day I've been looking forward to for a while as it's our area's annual Relay for Life!! I'm so excited to introduce Brayden to one of my favorite fundraising events! :)

Since it's Friday, it's time for another Fitness Friday! Here's a look at my week...

Currently Training For:
  • runDisney Virtual Running Shorts 5K Challenge
  • 4 Miler on the 4th of July
  • Disney's Princess Half Marathon & Glass Slipper Challenge
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon
Saturday - 4 Mile Run/Walk
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - PT routine...legs, cardio, and core
Tuesday - 3 mile walk with Brayden
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - 2 mile walk with a friend and PT routine
Friday - 3 mile morning run

This week was a bit tricky as Jason worked all week, which means I didn't have much of a chance to get out of the house for a run. Instead, Brayden and I resorted to a few walks around the neighborhood.

On Saturday, my mother-in-law came over to watch Brayden while I went for a run. I decided to attempt four miles as up until that point, I'd only run three miles postpartum.

I completed three miles in a 3:2 run/walk mode and felt really good at the end. For the forth mile, I decided to run the entire thing and managed to squeak out a 10:08 pace. I'm slowly starting to feel my body improving and I think I'll be able to shorten the walking intervals during the next run! YAY!

I've also enjoyed catching up with my Disney Exchange podcast friends. They are so much fun to listen to! Brayden enjoys listening while we go on our walks, too! :) If you're looking for some entertainment or in need of a good laugh, check them out!

With my return to running also comes a re-acquaintance with this torture device. Oh. My. Goodness. I forgot how much this thing hurts my legs!! I know it's best in the end but WOW. To think at one point, I could roll on this and not feel a thing...oh to be back in that place again!

This week, Brayden has also worked on his tummy time skills....although he's still not fond of it. While he does his baby pushups, I usually do a few of my own, too! :)

His new favorite pose is this I now call him my Baby Bolt (for Usain Bolt from the Jamaican Olympic Team)! Hehe!

This week, my family and I had dinner at a local restaurant. We'd taken a picture in this giant chair just a few days before I delivered Brayden, so we had to take a comparison picture! What a difference just a few weeks makes, huh?

Last but not least, here's Brayden's outfit for Relay for Life! Those hand prints are actually his...I scanned his inked hand prints on my printer, then outlined them in the silhouette program and cut them out on heat transfer material. I know the cap won't last long as it's going to be warm out, but I will definitely get a picture of him in the outfit!

Here's to a fun-filled weekend ahead!

What's your weekend plans? Do you have a favorite Disney podcast? If so, please share!


  1. The baby pushups during tummy time are just so cute. He's getting so big!

    1. He really is growing fast! They sure don't stay little for long!

  2. Have fun at relay for life! Such a cute outfit!

    1. Thank you! :) Paint Your World Purple is the theme this year, so I went with it!

  3. What a cute & creative outfit! Have a great weekend!

  4. It sounds like you're making great progress but how do you even use that foam roller? Mine's smooth and that has me grimacing on its own.


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