Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Running While On Vacation

I love a good run while on vacation. As a matter of fact, I always include a morning run in our travel plans when selecting a hotel/resort for our stay! A great way to see new places and explore new areas is on foot and is one of my favorite parts of any vacation. Today, Jeff Galloway shares his vacation running secrets with us! See below for a few of his favorite tips!

The best, more efficient workout when you’re at the beach…

  • Running into the dawn: In Summer, it's best to run before the sun rises above the horizon.  Since it's common for family members to sleep a bit longer on vacation, get up early and hit the beach.    Set a total time you wish to run, and turn around at the halfway point.  Or, run 1-2 minutes longer going out and try to run faster on the return.
  • When you’re camping and near a lake and/or mountains.  Drive around the campground area to find suitable running/trail areas.  Plan a group hike each day.  Appoint yourself the “lookout”.  Walk ahead of the group for a few minutes and then run ahead for a minute or two, and run back.  Repeat this routine throughout the hike.  Even short segments of running, during a 1-2 hour hike, will maintain your running adaptations very well.
  • On a road trip, taking frequent “pit stops”.  Wear your running gear on the trip.  If it is safe to run or walk at your rest area, walk for 1-2 minutes as a warmup and then run for 5-10 minutes.  Repeat this pattern until the group is ready to load up.  If it is a food stop, get your meal “to go” and spend the time running.
  • When you’re on a trip that’s based around a theme park.  Many of the hotels in areas like Disneyworld, have designated areas for running.  In some cases you can run to the parks.  Ask the hotel staff for recommended routes.  Each evening, gather the family and plan your park visit for the next day.  This allows for you to find a times slot to squeeze in a run.  As you mention how you are planning your run, you'll teach the kids how important your exercise is, for you.
  • When you’re on a sightseeing city tour.  Time is limited during most sightseeing tours but you can usually squeeze in a few minutes here and there.  Wear running clothes or very comfortable apparel with running shoes.  When the bus stops, keep walking around while looking at the sights or listening to the guide.  If time allows before re-boarding, jog for a minute or two.
  • A home-based vacation.  If possible, arrange with another family member to watch the kids while you run.  Then, offer that person a chance to get away for a while while you stay with kids.  Early morning is often a great time to get in your runs.  Plan trips to local parks (that you seldom visit) where you can run and walk with the family.
 So, what about you? Do you enjoy running while on vacation? Any tips you'd like to share?

As an official Jeff Galloway blogger, I am provided with occasional tips to share with you guys - no compensation is received on my end! Hope you’ve enjoyed them!  


  1. I love vacation running because sometimes running around the neighborhood for the millionth time is just plain boooorrrrring. A change of scenery always makes a run more enjoyable for me! :-D

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