Friday, May 12, 2017

In Training - runDisney Music Playlist

Disney music - it just gets me.

The happy, carefree and spirited melodies always have a way of making me smile and they tend to add an extra boost to my day and a little pep to my step! While in training at home, I love to try and keep the runDisney spirit alive. Although I do love listening to Disney podcasts while out for a run, I also love to mix it up with a little Disney music here and there.

Want to add a little Disney magic to your training runs? Look no further! I've compiled a list of my top 25 "in training" Disney songs below:

  • You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan
  • How Far I'll Go - Moana
  • When Can I See You Again - Wreck It Ralph
  • Try Everything - Zootopia
  • I've Got A Dream - Tangled
  • The Bare Necessities - Jungle Book
  • Almost There - Princess And The Frog
  • Go The Distance - Hercules
  • Strangers Like Me - Tarzan
  • On My Way - Brother Bear
  • For The First Time In Forever - Frozen
  • You've Got A Friend In Me - Toy Story 
  • Life Is A Highway - Cars
  • When Will My Life Begin - Tangled
  • Touch The Sky - Brave
  • Dig A Little Deeper - Princess And The Frog
  • That's How You Know - Enchanted
  • True To Your Heart - Mulan
  • You're Welcome - Moana
  • Trashin' The Camp - Tarzan (the NSYNC version, of course!)
  • Let It Go - Frozen
  • Step In Time - Mary Poppins
  • Friend Like Me - Aladdin
  • Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid
  • Circle of Life - The Lion King
Bonus: Walt Disney Records has teamed up with Spotify to create exclusive race playlists! Just download the app or sign into Spotify and search "runDisney"! So much fun!!

Oh yes, I leave today for California and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend and I'll be there until Sunday! Stay tuned to my social media channels (at the top of my home page) for updates all race weekend long! :)

 Do you have a favorite playlist that you listen to while running? What's your favorite Disney song?


  1. I hope you have a blast this weekend! I can't wait to see all of your pics!

  2. I love Disney songs. Even when I'm not doing a Disney race, I'll have Disney songs on the playlist.

  3. You are all set! Have a great race! Looking forward to reading the recap.


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