Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Gator

Several weeks back, I was contacted by the awesome folks over at RumbleRoller to review one of their brand new products, the Gator.

You guys know I love my RumbleRoller and would not be running today without it, so I was curious to test and try out this new product.

The Gator is a 22 inch roller and is advertised as more beginner friendly of a roller vs their RumbleRoller. After trying out this product, I wholeheartedly agree. The bumps along the surface are low profile and don't stand out as much as those of the RumbleRoller. Don't let the surface of the Gator fool you though...this roller still gives a great deep-tissue massage!

Along with a lower profile surface, the roller also has a smaller diameter vs the RumbleRoller which allows the roller to produce high compressive forces in the muscle.

Another neat option for this roller (which I haven't tried yet) is the roller's ability to apply cross frictional massage and is the only foam roller on the market that is optimized for this type of massage!

Do I love the Gator? Yes. Do I still use my RumbleRoller? Absolutely. I love having the option of switching out to the Gator when I don't need a super deep roll like the RumbleRoller provides.

Thanks so much to RumbleRoller for giving me the opportunity to test the Gatort! I've been a fan of the RumbleRoller for quite a number of years and I love their products!

You can find RumbleRoller at these social media channels below:

Disclaimer: The Gator was gifted to me for purpose of review - no monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions stated above are my own.

If you use a foam roller, what's your favorite type/brand?

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  1. I have a Gold4 gym roller that I use because I feel it's sturdier tan other brands. This one looks like it hurts so good!


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