Friday, February 2, 2018

Warm Comfort Foods

This past week has been challenging since being diagnosed with the Flu on Sunday morning. My body is SO fatigued and I feel worn smack out. Thankfully, I was able to jump on my symptoms as soon as the first signs started showing themselves which I think has helped in the long run. On Tuesday evening, I couldn't walk around my house without having to sit after just a few minutes on my feet, so I knew I needed at least one additional day off of work. Sitting around doing nothing all day is NOT my cup of tea but I honestly haven't been able to do anything else, physically. I went back to work yesterday which was ok - I was definitely fatigued and had to sit a lot but I somehow made it through the day.

I'm pretty sure I've never had the flu in the past - and since I can't remember, that probably means no...because I know I'll never forget this! My lower back ached like crazy and my legs felt like I'd just run Dopey Challenge all over again. I also had sinus congestion and extreme fatigue. Oh yes, and I somehow managed to lose 5 pounds over all of it! Thankfully, I was pretty much over the flu itself in about 4 days, although the sinus congestion and fatigue are still lingering.

Something I learned from all of this is that comfort food is definitely a necessity and warm, nourishing soup seemed to hit the spot every time. My mom was so generous to make a big pot of homemade vegetable soup for me, which was delicious! 

Another staple over the past several days has been chicken noodle soup.

I definitely survived off of chicken noodle soup and Gatorade the first few days...

...and had I been closer to a McAlisters, I would have requested a bowl of their broccoli cheese soup!

Another two favorites are taco soup and potato soup, both of which I might have to make before winter is over!

I hope you are all staying well and sickness free this winter season!

What's your favorite warm, comfort food when you're sick or feeling under the weather?

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  1. Campbell's chicken and rice and chicken noodle soups were what we lived on during our bout of stomach of course saltines and Gatorade. We knew we were feeling a bit better when we branched out to Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - yes, old school comfort food at its finest.

    Our friend had the flu about a week after the stomach virus and he was laid out flat for five days straight. I know you know this, but take it's rough coming back from the flu. Hope each day finds you feeling better and stronger.

    1. OMG the stomach virus AND the flu?! No way. Your poor friend. Too funny about the mac&cheese - I know all too well about the comfort foods!

  2. FELL BETTER SOON!!! I love love love bread bowl soups!

  3. Tomato soup is pretty good too. When I had to the flu a few years ago, I had to sit in the shower. I was so tired, but after a full day of being sick, I really wanted to feel clean the next day.

  4. So sorry you have been ill. I have just recovered from malaria and the symptoms are so similar to the flu - I was so exhausted and even the smallest activities like walking to the bathroom exhausted me. Hope you are feeling better now. Being sick is not fun!

    1. Oh nooo! I hope you are feeling better also! That must have been awful!

  5. I love a good soup in the winter. My favorite is Panera's Autumn squash soup. And having soup in a bread bowl just tops it off....yum!


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