Thursday, February 22, 2018

Favorite Princess Half Marathon Weekend Memories

The Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon is here and although I'm not running this year, I'm super excited to follow along with everyone who is! This race weekend is definitely a favorite of mine and I can't wait to return to run it again (hopefully next year)!

To date, I've run four Princess Half Marathon weekends and have so many incredible and fun memories from them, I thought I'd share a few today!

It's so hard to pick a first, so these are in no specific order. :)

Running with my family and friends! 

For 2017, we all dressed in our favorite seven dwarfs outfits and hit the roads for the Enchanted 10K! I loved being able to participate in this race with all of my family and I even saw them several times while on the course! So much fun!

Also, Brayden's first runDisney event (the Diaper Dash) took place at 2017's Princess Half Marathon Weekend and we had a blast being able to share in the excitement with him. (Where did my squishy baby go??)

Taking a picture in front of the castle with our medals was definitely a high point of this trip!

Dressing as Anna and Elsa for the Enchanted 10K

Back in 2015, my friend Melissa and I decided to dress as Anna and Elsa for the 10K, take our time, stop for pictures, and simply just enjoy ourselves. This race is one of my favorites to date! We re-wore our costumes for Dopey this year, but the cold really did bother us, so you can't see our outfits very well in pictures, anyway.

Bumping into Jeff Galloway while dressed for our tutu's and tiaras! 

This will forever be one of o my favorite memories from a Princess weekend (2012 to be exact)! We'd completed our races and it was time for dinner. Our reservations were at 1900 Park Fare and we thought it would be fun to "dress up" for dinner. While enjoying a few snacks in the lounge, we bumped into Jeff Galloway who was just so very nice...he congratulated us and agreed to take a picture with us! We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Such a fun night!

That time my mom had to have a tooth repaired after a 5K....

So, we can all laugh about this now and that's why I'm sharing it. It definitely wasn't a "fun" memory at the time but it is a memorable one for all of us...and like I said, we can laugh about it now. Short story version - my mom was tripped by a runner during the 2014 Royal Family 5K, she fell, and her tooth was cracked in half. Sad times. We stopped by medical but she didn't need stitches (thankfully)! We learned something new from this episode - there's a call center available where the schedules of several doctors, dentists, etc are available for vacation go-ers to use. We were able to get into a dentist THAT afternoon and her tooth was repaired within a few hours. CRAZY! My poor mom.

Running the Castaway Challenge with Jason!

One of my favorite Princess weekend memories is from 2015 Princess Half Marathon Weekend! Jason and I registered for races during the Princess Weekend (him the 5K and the Glass Slipper for me). We were also getting on the Disney Dream on the Monday following the race and I was registered for the Castaway Challenge. We had NO idea that Jason qualified for the Castaway Challenge as well, so he registered right there on the boat! Taking part in all of the runDisney activities with Jason while on board Disney Cruise Line was a BLAST and I definitely have my sights set on it again in the future!

Taking photos with Gaston while dressed as Belle

This is a runner-up memory from the 2017 Princess Half Marathon, but so worth mentioning. I stood in a ridiculously long line to take this picture but I HAD to and I'm so glad I did. This was by far one of the best runDisney character interactions I've had! Gaston was hysterical and he stole my book prop (I did get it back although he told the cast member to "burn it")! I loved everything about this brief character encounter!

If you're running this weekend, have SO much fun!!

If you've run races during Princess, what's your favorite memory from the race weekend?


  1. Princess weekend is always so much fun! Thinking about doing it again next year!

  2. This was my first half marathon, in 2012, and it's still a special weekend. I want to go back next year for the 5k and 10k, but it all depends on what I can register for. It's such a popular weekend.

    1. I hear you! I would love to run Princess again next year! Here's hoping!

  3. I definitely remember your mom breaking her tooth during that 5k race! I felt SO bad for her. I love the shirts your family wore and love that you dressed in tutus for your dinner.

    Princess weekend will always be special to me because that is where I ran my first race ever!


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