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2015 runDisney Princess 10K

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (41)

As part of runDisney’s Glass Slipper Challenge, I participated in both the Princess 10K and the Princess Half Marathon over the Princess Half Marathon weekend.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (5)

After Princess last year, my friend Melissa and I began talking about dressing in costume for this 10K. We decided on Elsa and Anna, and the rest was history from there! (Click here to read about the creation of  my Anna costume.)

Race morning, I woke up around 2:30 a.m. to begin getting ready – gotta love those early runDisney mornings! I hopped on a bus around 3:30 a.m. and thought it was nice that busses were picking up from all bus stops at our resort (Coronado Springs).

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (6)

At the staging area, I met up with Mindy (who was dressed as Olaf) and my friend Melissa for a picture. Aren’t we a cute trio? :)

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (7)

We even brought a few friends along to join in the fun! :)

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (8)

Before long, we said goodbye to our husbands and made the short walk to our corrals.

Having the corrals around the corner was SO nice and easy to access. The only thing I didn’t like is there was no way to get to the start line for pictures like last year. That’s definitely not a big deal, though!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (27)

While waiting in the corral, we made our race strategy – RUN as fast as we could between each photo opportunity…and stop for all the characters! :D

As the race began, we wound around the areas outside of EPCOT for a couple of miles…

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (9)

Of course we had to stop for a picture with this mile marker sign!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (28)

Not long after, we spotted Anna and Elsa (themselves)! Of course there was no way to take an actual picture with them, but this set-up was really neat (same as last year). I loved how the lighting effects made it look like it was snowing!

As we passed the White Rabbit’s area, we saw a line but no character. Funny thing is, I missed this picture opportunity last year, too…oh well. (No hard feelings here, I know they need breaks, too!)

This is a photo opportunity I was MOST excited for….

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (10)

TINK and Periwinkle! I’ve never ever met Tink, so this was super exciting for me!! (I might have jumped up and down like a 5 year old, but I’ll never admit it…)

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (30)

It wasn’t long before we were running into the back entrance of EPCOT. We stopped for a photo with these parade performers…

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (11)

…and the one in red and yellow was singing “Let it Gooooo!” which was quite funny!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (12)

If you know me, you understand my “traditional” Germany picture! (Hehe!)

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (13)

In EPCOT, we spotted a couple of characters to say hello to. Most were the same as last year, with the exception of a few (and by exception, I mean lack of…).

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (14)

Jiminy in Italy

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (15)

Marie in France

After running through World Showcase for a little while, the route took us out of EPCOT and towards Disney’s EPCOT resort areas. First up was the Boardwalk with Baseball Donald! (It was Baseball Goofy last year and as a baseball fan, I liked the change!)

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (16)

Donald has the “Anna” pose down…apparently I didn’t do my homework. Whomp Whomp.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (31)

I snagged this shot of runners on the Boardwalk area while we were waiting for our Donald photo.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (32)

Hands down my favorite sign on this race course! Throughout the entire race, people asked if we wanted to “build a snowman”!

After leaving Boardwalk, we began our trek to the Yacht and Beach club areas. I was reminded of the time Melissa and I ran through here (on our own, not as part of a race) a few years ago! It was fun to be here with her again!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (33)

The sunrise over the lake was beautiful!!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (34)

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (17)

Mile 5!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (35)

I was kind of mad at myself for brining along sunglasses that I never wore. The sun didn’t even rise until we were mostly finished with the race. Oh well…

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (36)

We stopped in line for Minnie, but after standing for about a minute without it moving, we decided to keep on going. Y’all. This line was INSANE!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (37)

As we were leaving the EPCOT area, we saw these two ladies dressed as Rapunzel. I thought their costumes were clever – the “Before” Rapunzel and the “After” Rapunzel!

We entered EPCOT again, only this time in the Future World area.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (18)

Our last character stop of the day was for Goofy! He was hanging around inside EPCOT park.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (38)

Before we knew it, the finish line was in sight and the race was over!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (39)

We grabbed our medals, a food box, a banana, a water, and a gatorade, then went in search of our husbands.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (19)

I LOVE Disney 10K’s! To me, they are the perfect distance for a fun taste of runDisney…not too long and not too short, either.

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (21)2015 runDisney Princess 10K (20)

Our Anna and Elsa duo was a big hit and we had a lot of fun running together, stopping for pictures, and really enjoying the race. There were a lot of Anna and Elsa’s on the course, but that made it even more fun for us! We loved saying hi as we saw other costumes!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (40)

After hanging out for a few pictures, we decided it was time for breakfast. The closest resort was Port Orleans Riverside, so we stopped there for Mickey waffles!

Guess who I ran into in the food court? :D

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (22)

Pam and Christine! I was SO happy I had a chance to see them again and say hi!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (23)

Breakfast was AMAZING as always! You definitely can’t beat a post-race Mickey Waffle!

2015 runDisney Princess 10K (24)2015 runDisney Princess 10K (25)

As we were leaving, I spotted this board display in the resort’s gift shop. Of course, I had to sign it! Teehee!

Final thoughts? I loved this race. The course was flat and SO much fun! I enjoyed seeing the characters that were out for photo stops (especially Tink)! Our strategy of running as fast as we could between characters worked out really well – we didn’t wait long in any character lines except Minnie (which we ended up leaving). The 10K distance is my second favorite runDisney event (after the half marathon distance…because it’s twice the fun)!  I enjoyed running with a friend and we loved showing our “Disney Side”! :D

What was your favorite part of the Princess 10K this year? If you  didn’t run it, what’s your favorite race distance in general?


  1. I had a blast at the 10K! So glad I got to hang with you before! And the White Rabbit wasn't even out when I went by in corral A. Not sure where he was! :-(

    1. Well dang that's silly! Maybe he fell down the rabbit hole! (Hehe) Was SO good to see you too! Glad we were able to hang out for a while!

  2. The costumes were fabulous! I'm not sure if it was the 5K or the 10K, ( I think 10K), did you notice that it went in front of Soarin and the Living Seas this time? That was a slight change of course from last year!

    1. Yeah I did notice that!! I liked the little change! :)

  3. There was so much that I wanted to say about this post--ya'lls cute outfits, the races themselves...but then I got thrown off by the Mickey waffle...YUM!

    1. Bahaha Paige! The Mickey waffle was like icing on the cake!!

  4. That Olaf poster is SO cute. I'm a little mad I didn't think of it myself! :)

    I also really love the Rapunzel before and after. RunDisney races bring out the best in race costumes!

    1. Right?! Wasn't that Olaf poster genius?! I agree, runDisney races really bring out the creative side of people!

  5. I'm much more interested in the 10k distance than I used to be. Too many half marathons in a short amount of time gave me ITBS. A 10k is easier to build up to and focus on.

  6. I LOVE your costume! I can't wait to do this race next year at the GSC. Great pics, it looks like you had a blast :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! It was a lot of're going to have a great time as well!!

  7. You put together great costumes Karen that are not only suitable for running, but also very festive and fun. I was so happy we ran into you while you indulged in Mickey waffles. We love POR and find their food selections excellent for a moderate hotel at Disney.

    1. Thanks so much, Pam! Same here...I was so happy to see you guys!! I couldn't agree more about POR food court - it's awesome! :)

  8. Love the costumes! Looks like you had a great time :)

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! It was a lot of fun! :)

  9. Great recap. Love your costumes. Looks like you had a great time and got a lot of great pictures.

    If you'd like come by the #MagicalMickey linkup to add your recap. It's a weekly linkup for anything Disney. We have another Princess Half recap on there, so it'll fit right in. ;-)

    1. Hi John! Thanks so much for letting me know...I'm heading over there now! :)

  10. I LOOOOVE your costumes! You guys look fabulous. Congrats on an awesome race! There's nothing like Princess Half Weekend. :)


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