Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why Do We Get Injured?

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving all of the tips we’ve received from Jeff Galloway over the past month or so! The tips that focus on injury and injury prevention are definitely my favorite because it seems to be what I struggle with the most in my running journey.

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Why do we get injured?

1.  Be aware of irritation of weak links.
  • The Key Weak Links are body parts where my runners tend to experience injuries: Knees - Feet -Calf - Achilles -Hip - Glute/piriformis/sciaticia
  • The body parts that YOU need to be aware of are the sites where you are injured or suffer more aches and pains.
  • If you're sensitive to the first indication of irritation in these areas and take immediate action, it's possible to avoid injury. (I love to hear that…just means you have to be careful and not continue running through irritation – don’t be stubborn!)
2.  Stress buildup due to the way we train.
  • Training schedule is too intense-not enough rest between stress.
  • Adverse Training Components-speed is too fast or has too much, too soon.
  • Running form-too long a stride, forward lean, bouncing too high off the ground.
Staying focused on the way one runs and following these guidelines can often allow runners to maintain a manageable increase without injury.

Top 5 ways to avoid stress buildup-and avoid injuries
1.  Take walk breaks more frequently, and run shorter run segments
2.  Form: shorter stride, feet low to the ground
3.  Slower long runs, with more walk breaks
4.  Avoid Stretching
5.  Be careful when running speed sessions

I’m going to pay closer attention to my form this afternoon when I go for a run. While “in the zone”, I have a habit of getting comfortable and not paying attention to anything…so yes, I’m definitely going to do do this today!

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Disclaimer: As a Jeff Galloway blogger, I’ve been provided with these tips to share with you – no compensation was given in return. 


  1. Thanks for the tips. I've struggled with injuries in the past. I'm trying to do a lot strength training this time around.

    1. You're welcome, Traci! Strength training has helped me tremendously!

  2. We love receiving these tips too Karen. Just is such an outstanding representative of our sport with so many words of wisdom to share with us.


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