Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spectating at Disney’s Princess 5K

This year, I decided to sit out of the 5K during Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend and spectate instead. My husband was running and I wanted to cheer him on. In hindsight, I should have done the 5K along with my husband but oh well... Looking back, my husband said he would have run the 10K instead had he known – next time for sure!

Anyway, we woke up on 5K morning to a frozen Florida tundra. Ok not quite, but it was close. The “feels like” temperature said 28 degrees F! Holy cow…that’s COLD, y’all!

Princess Frozen 5K (15)

If you read yesterday’s Expo recap, you would know that my husband almost ran the Princess 5K in blue jeans. Ummm…I veto’d that right away (we were NOT prepared for it to be THAT cold). Thankfully, the Champion booth at the Expo had long men’s workout pants for sale…whew. Crisis averted!

Princess Frozen 5K (16)

So. Many. Layers. Two pair of socks, compression socks, compression tights, blue jeans, a tank top, a regular shirt, arm warmers, a half zip pullover, a hoodie, ear warmer, gloves, and hot hands. Needless to say, the cold didn’t bother me…anyway…. (whomp whomp)

We had no problem boarding a bus at our resort. They were ready and waiting! We arrived at the race site and headed straight for the stage.

Princess Frozen 5K (2)Princess Frozen 5K

These guys were posing for pictures with runners before the race began.

Princess Frozen 5K (3)

Carissa and Rudy were so cute all dressed as characters from Arendale!

Princess Frozen 5K (4)

Before long, runners were asked to make their way toward the corrals. Spectators weren’t allowed past a certain point, so we said our goodbyes.

Princess Frozen 5K (18)

As I was about to walk towards the start line to cheer the runners on, I heard an announcement that Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff were headed towards the stage! I decided to turn around and take a few pictures and I’m so glad I did. Look at this random shot I captured with a runner’s Olaf hat! Hehe!

Princess Frozen 5K (7)Princess Frozen 5K (19)

I realized that I was starting to get hungry and I wanted a cup of coffee. I chose a banana (an almost $2 banana…welcome to Disney) and the cup of coffee was just what I needed!

Princess Frozen 5K (6)

Everything was clearly marked which really helped out a lot (I’ve never been on “this” side of the runDisney spectrum)! If you didn’t see a sign for something or didn’t know which way to go, Volunteers were all around to guide and direct you. It was really nice!

Princess Frozen 5K (20)

While waiting in the corrals, I heard that the runners received a special sneak preview of the new Cinderella movie that’s coming to theaters this March. I was slightly jealous…

Princess Frozen 5K (21)

….and GO!

Jason missed seeing me at the start line (I saw him) so after he passed, I began walking over to the finish line to wait for him there.

Princess Frozen 5K (9)

See…clearly marked!  I did like that the finish line for the 5K, 10K, and Half were all in the same exact location. Super nice!

Princess Frozen 5K (22)

I also text Jason this picture so he would know exactly where I was standing! Hah!

While waiting, I listened to Carissa and Rudy cheer runners on as they crossed the finish line. Y’all…they cracked me up!! I died laughing several times at their antics. Perhaps my favorite was when a girl who was running with a stuffed pooh bear crossed the finish line…Rudy informed her that she had “poo” on her hands…maybe you had to be there. It was super funny, I promise!

I might have tweeted them to let them know how much they were entertaining me! :p

Princess Frozen 5K (30)

Watching other runners run by also helped keep me entertained! I loved looking at everyone’s super creative costumes!

Princess Frozen 5K (10)

There he is!

Princess Frozen 5K (11)

Another race in the books!

Princess Frozen 5K (13)

So proud of Jason!

Princess Frozen 5K (23)

Mylar blankets galore! We were glad that runDisney listened to Marathon weekend runners! This blanket served a double purpose, too….I was able to use Jason’s 5K mylar blanket while waiting for the start of the 10K the following morning, which was really nice!

After a few quick pictures,we decided to go back to our hotel and attempt to warm up a bit.

Princess Frozen 5K (14)

Race transportation busses were ready and waiting! We didn’t wait long at all and boarded a bus right away!

Princess Frozen 5K (25)

As soon as we walked on our bus, I saw Brandi and her family! We sat across from them and chatted on the way back to our resort!  (They were dressed as the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins and were SO cute!)

Princess Frozen 5K (24)

Overall, we had a great time at the Princess (FROZEN) 5K! Everything was well organized and put together well. We really enjoy the fun and family aspect of Disney’s 5K races. On one hand, I wish I had registered but on the other, it was neat to be a spectator for a change!

Were you at the 5K (or any park during the day)? Did you freeze your tail off?


  1. We arrived the day of the 5k and agree that it was chilly that day. Christine used a throwaway for the 10k race too!

    1. SO cold! I'm glad it warmed up during the weekend! :)

  2. I've never spectated at a runDisney race! Glad they have it all clearly marked for the spectators! I ran in Tallahassee that morning and it was freezing! Can't imagine it ever being that cold in Disney lol! At least the day fit the race theme...frozen lol!

    1. You're right...at least it fit the theme! Haha!

  3. I spectated the Princess 5k in 2012 and was right at the 3 mile marker. I loved watching the costumes.

  4. Congrats to Jason on another race finished! Why did you decide not to sign up for this one with him? Golly $2 for a Disney banana and on the other side of that fence they were giving them away for free...lol.

    1. You know, I can't actually remember why I decided not to sign up for the 5K...haha! Oh well...
      You are SO right, free bananas just beyond the fence. So.Crazy!

  5. I wasn't there, but I do love Carissa and Rudy. They crack me up! I get that some people hate their cheesy humor, but it is Disney! What do you expect!?

    1. Hate their humor? Oh that's sad...they are so funny!!

  6. Being on the other side of the race is always a fun experience. Glad that Jason had a fun race experience, despite the cold.

    1. It really was! I definitely enjoyed it! :) I'm glad he did, too!


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