Monday, March 23, 2015

Long Run, Rain, & A Softball Game

What a week it’s been! Last week, I literally had something going on every single night of the week (including the weekend). I’ll admit, some of it was for myself, but the majority was “extras” or things I agreed to help with. By Sunday I needed a BREAK, so I spent all day outside where I pulled weeds, spruced up the flower beds, cleaned off the front/back porch, etc. It was a great and super productive day! Perfect way to kick off spring!

This past weekend’s weather was ridiculous – the forecast changed at least three times before the weekend actually hit, then it changed again on Saturday. Basically, it was supposed to rain all day Saturday…which then changed to rain all day Sunday….which then changed back to rain all day Saturday.

A girl can’t keep up!

Long Run (2)Long Run (1)

After much debate, I finally decided to stick with my normal schedule and run my long run on Saturday morning. My running group was out of town, so I ran it solo around my neighborhood.

The air was cool, but the humidity was pretty thick which made for a warmer run. I also wore my lucky shirt from the Louisiana Half to give myself a little motivation! :)

Long Run

During my run, an unmarked garbage truck almost hit me (I mean, WHO drives unmarked garbage trucks anyway?!). I was running in the lane towards traffic and there happened to be vehicles coming both ways. I was off the side of the road (almost in a ditch) when the trash truck passed. Instead of him stopping and waiting for the other car to drive by, he charged ahead and nearly hit me. He didn’t even slow down. I was livid and I know he saw me because we made eye contact. UGH. After I hit my turn around point, I was headed back towards the area where he stopped to pick up a trash can and I realized that not one but two people got out of the truck.

My mind immediately went to these thoughts….unmarked trash truck, two random dudes, CSI episode. Ok maybe that’s a TAD bit dramatic but hey…you never know!! Unmarked trash truck? That’s creepy and totally suspicious to me.

They lingered in that location for like…ever. I kept thinking that I’d rather play it safe than sorry. Instead of standing there, I ran the .2 mile loop at the end of the road for a while. It added .6 miles to my total distance! HAH!

Long Run (1)

They finally left and I was able to finish off my run, 8 miles total! I have the Diva’s Half Marathon in Galveston coming up in a few weeks and I gotta stay prepared. Next up is a 12 mile run (with a ton of squats and lunges in between) and I’ll be ready!

After my run, my BRF Heather and I spent the day together! We planned to watch a softball game by our local university but the ran kind of put a damper on it.

MSU Softball (1)

The game was supposed to start at noon. Around 1 p.m., she asked if I wanted to leave. After checking twitter which said the umps would return to the field to evaluate at 1:15, we decided to stick around a bit longer.

MSU Softball (3)

Thankfully, they agreed that all was well and the game began around 1:30 p.m.!

MSU Softball (4)

We hung around until about the 6th inning when it started sprinkling again. I could see from the radar that a monsoon was about to hit, so we decided to leave….just in the nick of time, too!

MSU Softball (2)

After checking out the new Ulta store in the mall, we parted ways. I had such a great time with her, it’s been far too long!

On Saturday night, I saw Insurgent with some friends and really enjoyed it. However, I read the book like 2 years ago and the movie really didn’t trigger my memory. Kenzie kept asking “What’s happening now?” and I couldn’t answer because I truly didn’t know! Did anyone feel like it actually followed the book? I think it’s been too long…maybe I should read them again.

Our work relay for life team is holding a silent auction at the end of the week to raise money for ACS. Today, our team captain is going on a local news station to talk about a few items we have up for bidding and he wants me to tag along. I’m so nervous. Ugh. LOL

I hope you all have a great start to your week! Happy Monday!! :)

How has the weather been in your area? Has spring made its way there yet? Did you run/workout this weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! Glad you got your long run in...and I can't believe the garbage truck! Glad you stayed away from them. You can't ever be too cautious. I'm going to see Insurgent this week with my sister. I haven't read the books in forever. But oh well...I don't have time to reread it now lol! Have a great week girl!

    1. Thanks, Mindy! I was kinda freaked out about the garbage truck - sounds silly now but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

  2. I read insurgent such a long time ago I"m afraid I won't remember anything either! Haven't seen it yet though. Hoping Bobby will take me to see cinderella this week. :)

    1. HAHA That's exactly how I felt! Enjoy Cinderella! :)

  3. Nice weekend of activities Karen but how scary with the trash truck. The Halt spray that I carry on runs for dogs would be used on humans if need be. Hopefully that was a first and last time for the unmarked trash truck!

    1. Oooh I do have pepper spray...that's a great idea to carry along with me. Thanks, Pam!

  4. The weather! Ugh! It ended up raining in BR Saturday evening & supposedly we were to have heavy rain Sat. night & Sun. morning. That never happened so I was able to get a short run in Sunday.

    1. Glad you were able to miss the rain! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! After record heat for the LA Marathon weekend, the weather has cooled off a bit out here. This Saturday, I got my first run in (6 miles) since the LA Marathon. Taking the mid week runs off the week after the marathon was just what I needed! The 6 miles went really well!

    Have a great week! Please send some of that rain out to LA. We really need it.

    1. That heat sounded CRAZY...congrats on making it through! I can imagine that a break is just what you needed! Thanks so have a great weekend! :D

  6. I can't wait for our temperature to rise like yours. Those trash trucks totally remind me of a Dateline episode! Stay safe out there!

  7. You forgot the part where YOU SCARED THE BOLOGNA OUT OF ME in the middle of the movies!!!
    HAHAHA happy you got your long run in before the rain hit bad!

  8. I should have look at within the radar that your particular monsoon was initially intending to come to, which means that people thought to leave…. basically during the nick of the time, overly!


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