Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Princess Half Marathon

Today I’m sharing a recap of one of my most fun races to date (the Princess Half also happens to be my favorite runDisney event)!
In case you missed any other recaps from the weekend, here they are:
Princess Half Marathon 2015 (1)

I didn’t discuss my outfit of choice for the Half Marathon ahead of time simply because I had NO clue what I was going to wear. I wanted it to be a functional outfit but also one others would recognize.

Finally, the week before the race, I came up with Belle. Thankfully my mom agreed to help me by sewing on the collar, which saved me a huge headache. The night before we left for our trip, I was still editing this outfit, trying to make it all work. I think next time, I might just go with one costume for the weekend vs two.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (5)

I did love the finished product, though! :)

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (1)

My alarm went off around 2:30 a.m. on race morning. I didn’t make Jason wake up with me because I knew he would be waiting a long time for me to cross the finish line. He slept a little bit later, then caught a spectator bus.

It wasn’t terribly cold the morning of the race, but I was grateful for my mylar blanket from the previous day’s 10K!

As soon as I arrived at the race starting area, I headed for the Race Retreat area to see a few friends!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (7)

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (6)

I also used the port-a-potties here which had NO line but shhhh…that’s our little secret! ;)

After saying goodbye to my friends, I  began walking towards the family reunion area to meet up with Melissa and her family.

On the way, I heard my name…

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (8)

It was Megan!! I was so excited we were able to meet up and it was so good to see her again! We briefly discussed the Castaway Challenge, then said our goodbyes.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (9)

After meeting up with my friend Melissa (from the 10K the day before), we began the long journey to our corrals.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (39)

Following the crowd – this is such a long walk!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (40)

We parted ways at the corral crossroad and wished each other a great race! I love this sign! :)

While waiting for the race to begin, a runDisney PARIS race was announced (YAY) and I immediately text my husband and Melissa’s husband saying “SAVE THE DATE”! Hehe!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (41)

Before long, it was Corral B’s time to run!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (42)

My race strategy was the same as the day before….run as fast as I could in-between characters and stop for any ones I wanted to take pictures with!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (43)

As I was taking this picture, I heard my name – it was Christine and her mom Pam! I caught up with them to say hello but didn’t keep their pace long (y’all, my watch said 8:35)! They were rocking it!!

Up next were several character stops I’d been looking forward to for a long time. Last year, I didn’t stop for any of these because the lines were SO long. I was hoping to avoid that by starting in Corral B and I did! YAY!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (10)Princess Half Marathon 2015 (11)

This is one of my favorites! These guys were hilarious!! One of them began singing “Tale As Old As Time….” as I was standing there!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (12)

The short character lines made me so happy!!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (13)

This is another one I skipped last year but am really glad I stopped this year!
Before long, we approached the Magic Kingdom sign!!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (44)
Princess Half Marathon 2015 (45)

Love these drummers outside of the TTC!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (47)

This is the dreaded “hill” by the Contemporary and the first real obstacle of the Princess Half course. The DJ at the top of the bridge always makes for a fun time, though!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (49)

After weaving through the back entrance into the Magic Kingdom and the Cast Member parking lot, we were on Main Street.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (51)

You know those moments in your life you wish you could bottle up and keep forever? Running down Main Street is one of those for me. It’s truly a magical experience!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (15)

Castle! I love fellow runDisney runners – they are always willing to take pictures for you. (I return the favor of course!)

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (16)

I stopped to say hello to Buzz in Tomorrowland and the Tweedles in Fantasyland!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (17)

As I approached the castle, I could hear voices – it was Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (53)Princess Half Marathon 2015 (54)

Yet another favorite part of the Princess Half is running through the castle!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (18)

Woody was hanging out in Frontierland near the mile 6 sign.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (56)Princess Half Marathon 2015 (55)
If you haven’t run one of these events in the past, this is just to give you an idea of what a typical character line looks like (in this picture, the character is to the left and runners are to the right).

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (19)

Do you guys remember this last year? I was dressed as Snow White, I got in this line, then she switched to Aurora? Don’t get me wrong – I love Sleeping Beauty, but I already had a picture with her from a previous princess half. Well, this year I was dressed as Belle and look what I got…a picture with Snow White. Figures! Haha!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (21)

After leaving the Magic Kingdom, we made our way to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian areas. I’ve also never stopped for this picture, so that was fun! These guys were pretty funny, too!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (20)

This photo is hands down one of my favorite pictures from the entire race! Love it!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (22)

This one was rather cute, too! I’ve never seen “vacation Genie” before! Love his hat! :)

By the way, where were Lilo and Stitch? I’m so glad I didn’t decide to re-wear my Lilo costume from the rainy Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I was rather sad they weren’t on this course again. Whomp whomp.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (23)

As I was taking this picture, I heard my name…

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (25)

It was Heather and Jen!! We snapped this quick picture before parting ways again.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (24)
Princess Half Marathon 2015 (26)

This was the closest I got to Belle the entire race. Sad times.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (57)

At the Clif area, I grabbed a Mocha clif shot and held onto it until our next water stop. As you can see, the sun was also out in full force. I was very grateful for my glasses this race!

The signs for Epcot began to appear and I knew we were getting close to yet another “obstacle” in the race course – the curved overpass.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (28)

I saw this sign right before the overpass and I died laughing. Very original!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (59)

Hi runners! You can make it!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (60)

These photos are just to show the enormous amount of runners in this event…isn’t that crazy?!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (61)Princess Half Marathon 2015 (29)

Mile 12! YAY Almost done!!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (31)

The Fairy Godmother said, “Trains like a beast and runs like a beauty!”

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (63)

We looped briefly through Epcot before leaving again…

I text Jason so he would know I was on my way!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (2)

I was so tired and delirious by this point, I had taken up the “princess wave” to every photographer I saw.

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (65)

After receiving my medal, this lady sprinkled me with pixie dust!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (33)
Princess Half Marathon 2015 (66)

Food boxes, bananas, water, and gatorade were available for runners. They also gave us these cute drawstring bags to put our treats in!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (67)

In my opinion, this was one of the best food boxes yet! It was packed with lots of goodies!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (3)

Glass Slipper Challenge #2 complete!

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (4)

We hung around the finish line for a while, waiting on our friends to cross the finish line. We shared our race stories, then said our goodbyes! 

Princess Half Marathon 2015 (36)

My post-race treat of choice? A Dole Whip Float…and I enjoyed every bite!

Even though the race was over, I wasn’t sad – we still had a cruise on the Disney Dream to look forward to AND the Castaway Challenge! Stay tuned to read all about it!

Thanks for following along! :)

Are you a Villain, Hero, or Princess fan? (Or all of the above?) :) I love that this race has a mixture of all of them!


  1. Great way to celebrate with a Dole Whip! I love those things and have only gotten them at Disney or in Hawaii.

  2. Our race looked almost identical lol! LOVED stopping for every single character this year! That shot in Epcot with the monorail above is super cool! Glad you had a great race girl and that I got to see you before, during, and after! ;-)

    1. Haha it sure did! Thanks Mindy! I'm so happy for that too! :)

  3. I'm all about the Princesses! Loving all your recaps.

  4. I love this recap Karen. Princess half is such a fun race with so many runners dressed up in costumes., Your Belle outfit came out not only functional but very cute too!

  5. What a fun race and recap! I love how much you're smiling in every picture!

  6. You looked Beautiful in your Belle outfit. We enjoyed stopping for the characters during this race. I stopped for Fairygod Mother last year but I didn't see her this year. My sister got a pic with her though.

  7. I love your Belle outfit! I always opt for simple but still very recognizable! It looks like you had an absolute blast...then again, how could you not? ;) I love all your pictures! You're making me feel sooooo sad that I didn't get to make it to Princess this year, not gonna lie, haha.

  8. What a fun race!
    Thanks for the awesome recap!

  9. LOVED this recap! Especially since I was there & saw all those same things. I've already booked my room for next year, now I've just got to get in when registration opens. Most fun running experience EVER! BTW - your outfits are precious.


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