Friday, May 18, 2018

Fitness Friday - 5/18

This week...this week, y'all. It's officially Relay for Life day and boy has this week been crazy!

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:

  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA 
  • Warrior Nation 5K
  • Contraband Days 5 Miler (SATURDAY!)
Saturday - 6 mile run
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - Tone It Up Workout of the Day & 2 mile after dinner walk
Tuesday - Rest Day (unplanned - there were just too many things going on!)
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - Relay setup!
Friday - Relay for Life

With today being Relay for Life, everything this week has been pretty busy. On Tuesday afternoon, I hurried up to the ACS office for bank night where all of the Relay teams turn in the money they've raised so far. After that, we had dinner plans with my parents which left no time to get in a run. 

It's ok, though - my right hamstring needed the rest because it was super tight during Saturday's run and it made me nervous that it was going to misbehave. I had Jason roll it out a lot with the stick and oh my goodness...the stick. That thing is amazing!

So, Saturday's run went well and Brayden managed to stay put all six miles. Now that he's in full blown toddler mode, he wants to go go go all the time. Our little stroller tricks seemed to work because he did great during Saturday's run!

On Monday afternoon, I resorted to a 2 mile after dinner walk because my hamstring was still VERY tight from a workout I did last week. Jason joined along and so did Brayden's foot! (This one is for Meranda!)

On Wednesday evening, I went for a 3 mile run after dinner and that was a BAD idea. I ate too late and I felt it the entire way. Ugh. Don't be like me and do something like that!

The rest of the week consisted of a visit to the splash pad and park...

Followed by a little air time on our local news outlet to promote Relay for Life...

...a birthday celebration for my friend Melissa....

...and booking activities for our upcoming cruise!

We even managed to snag Palo brunch (and on my birthday, too)! I'm so excited!

Oh, and this picture cracks me up - so we have a local pizza joint that has a little gaming center for kids. Well, Brayden loves the crane machine because everyone wins a prize (which happens to be these balls you see him holding). Every time we go inside the game center, he wants to play the crane game because he loves to move the joystick and watch the crane drop. So, since you play until you win, we let the crane randomly drop four or five times until he finally wins a prize. He also LOVES looking at the trap door to retrieve his prize which is precious! As you can see, we've been to the pizza place three times and all three times, he's come home with a ball....which means he must carry them everywhere with him, all three at once. He cracks me up!

Anyway, tonight I have Relay for Life followed by a 5 mile race Saturday morning immediately followed by my niece's birthday party. Needless to say, I'm going to be napping on Saturday afternoon with Brayden! :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Wow, what a busy week! Best of luck with Relay this weekend. I know that this is one of the highlights of the year for you every year. I hope that everything goes smoothly.

  2. I love how involved you always are with Relay For Life! Aww, that Brayden Boy! I think that will become his signature photo pose.


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