Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2019 Rock n Roll New Orleans Expo

Another Rock n Roll New Orleans has come and gone! 2019 marked the 10th year of this race and I've run it every single year except for 2016. I was registered for the half that year but was placed on "do not move too much" restriction from my OBGYN. I knew that even walking a half at 32 weeks pregnant simply for the fact of keeping a race streak up was probably not a good idea, so I bowed out. My OB was never so happy to sign papers for me! (She's hysterical!)

Since that was more information than you wanted to know right now, let's move on to the Expo itself!

We arrived early on Saturday morning, checked into our hotel, and valet parked our car. Since our room wasn't ready yet, we headed upstairs to meet our friends who were also doing the race that weekend.

The race expo was held at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center and our hotel was located a super short walk away. We were at the Hilton Riverside this year. I do think it's funny that I've run this race 9 times and have stayed at a different hotel every time! (I basically just look for whichever one has the best rates!)

We arrived not long after the Expo opened for the day and the crowds were super light!

In fact, we had zero wait for our bibs!

Since Rock n Roll has gone paperless now, there are lap tops set up when you first walk in where you can look up your bib number. You take your bib number to your prospective line, show the workers your ID, then you're on your way! It's super easy!

Of course we had to take a picture with the finish line!

We brouwde the official merchandise for a while and I did end up purchasing a quarter length sleeve purple shirt. The image on the front has a fleur de lis and is filled with symbols of New Orleans. It's so cute!

Another merchandise offering was shirts and jackets with participants names on the back. I didn't purchase this one, but my friend did!

The changing rooms were port-a-potties which always cracks me up!

Brooks had a big presence at the Expo (as always)!

They even had an adorable photo booth option complete with props. The end result was a super quick three image video that I shared to my instagram

After browsing for a while, we left the merchandise area and walked over to the Main Expo floor.

I was super thrown off at first because it looked way smaller than it has in the past. In reality, the expo floor was just laid out different.

And of course, my husband just HAD to make a sign for me. Thanks, Jason!

We loved seeing these guys, too!

Before it was all said and done, we might have even registered for 2020....because they were giving out free t-shirts. Like I need another t-shirt.

We had so much fun exploring the Expo floor and meandering around! If Rock n Roll New Orleans is ever on your list of races to run, do it! It's seriously one of the most fun races ever!

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  1. RnR always has the best race expos!

    I hope to do RnR NOLA one year - it's on my bucket list.

    1. They sure do! I hope you can make it out one year! :)

  2. I need to find a RnR in Texas just to go to their Expo - I always love the Brooks booth. That shirt/jacket with all of the racer's names is pretty cool. I would have come home with it, LOL.

    1. Isn't that neat? My friend bought one of the shirts!

  3. I was supposed to do this race too but backed out because I knew I wasn't ready for it. But I have run the marathon once and the half twice.

    One year I did 14 RnR races and the expos were very different. Now they are definitely smaller.

    Love that Brooks is a sponsor!

    1. Wow 14 races in one year! That's amazing!! The expos really are much smaller than they used to be.

  4. What a race expo!! I think an expo like that really adds to the excitement of the race. And it's fantastic that they've gone paperless too!

  5. New Orleans is definitely on my bucket list! Look forward to hearing more

    1. Oh you would love it! Hope you get to run it one day! :)


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