Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cold Weather Running Essentials (Southern Edition)

Cold weather (I mean really cold weather) and life down south don't really go hand in hand. Yes, we do have our cold (to us) days and our random and super rare snow days, but those are only a handful a winter. If there's one thing you CAN bet on with winter time in the south, it's this....

As runners, we have to learn how to deal with and adapt to all types of weather conditions - especially with traveling out of town or for a long run during one of those random really cold weather snaps. So, how does this Louisiana girl brave the cold? Here's my cold weather running essentials, southern edition!

#1 Appropriate attire

For me, this includes ear muffs, gloves, and layers!  Sometimes, it's even cold enough that I don't have to shed any of it, even during a half marathon!

This happened to be one of those super rare snow days I mentioned above - and it was my highest mileage weekend for Dopey Training! It actually snowed and the snow stuck for an additional day which I've never seen happen here!

#2 Throw away gear

This tip and tip number one go hand in hand! Raid your local stores at the end of winter for discount sweatshirts. I seriously have a bag stuffed with all different color sweatshirts from previous end of winter sales! They truly make a world of difference at the beginning of a race while standing around, waiting for the race to start. Once you warm up during the race, you can toss your sweatshirt to the side. Most race organizations pick these up to donate to those in need!

Speaking of adapting to crazy weather...how about the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend of 2010 where it sleeted mid half marathon and water stations were iced over for the full? Hello first half marathon! Thankfully, this newbie runner took the suggestion of a friend to snag a sweatshirt from Walmart literally hours before leaving for the trip! Also, I never shed any of my layers during this race and was super grateful for all of them!

#3 Treadmill

I've thought about selling it many times in the past, but it's a necessity for me. Although I'm not a fan of running on a treadmill, it definitely comes in handy sometimes, especially on super cold days!

#4 Hot Hands

Y'all, these things are life savers! You can find them in the sporting goods/hunting section of most stores and they work like a charm. They are single use packs and once exposed to air, they warm up really quickly. I use them even for races (like this past weekend in New Orleans) where it's just slightly chilly at the start and I toss them once I'm warm. If you haven't used them, seriously get some!

...and that's all I've got for now! Running in the winter months can be tricky to plan, especially because of the way the weather changes around here!

Switching topics - this weekend, y'all! We leave THIS WEEKEND for Disney World! I am so excited and cannot wait!

Stay tuned for a Princess Half Marathon costume reveal coming up tomorrow! I finally finished it last night and cannot wait to share it with all of you! Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I've also used Hot Hands, especially when running in the cold when it's snowing or raining.

  2. I'll be at Princess too! Can't wait! If you are at the expo look for me at the Fit2Run booth! I'll be working one of the registers so I should be easy to find!

    Anyway, yeah Florida weather is the same...all our seasons can happen in one day! It makes it hard to plan for weather for sure but I usually just layer up and hope for the best haha!

  3. This is why I've been living with three slightly lined long sleeved running shirts for about 7 years now - yes I'm sick of wearing them each winter, but like you, winter days come and go so often that you don't need a bunch of gear. I would like to get a pair of lined running tights for when the wind chill is really down (20s) but my gosh they are expensive...and for just a few runs each year? Haven't been able to justify that yet.

  4. Yes! Throw away gear is essential. I looked at the temperature in New Orleans for today - 75 degrees. It is hard not to be jealous! :)

  5. I do opt for the treadmill early in the morning when it's cold and dark... but if I run on the weekends, it's usually warmed up enough to not worry about freezing temps.

  6. Your tips can also apply to us folks up North. :-) I'd rather those your weather conditions than what we have here.

    Enjoy Princess Weekend! I did the Glass Slipper Challenge one year and told myself I would go back. Haven't yet.

  7. Oddly, being an Iowa-based runner (who runs outside most of the time), I don't ever use the hand warmers. I never think of them because I've gotten along without them all these years. Weird, I know LOL Good luck at Disney!!

  8. Coming from Botswana, we really have two seasons, winter and summer, but our winters are just cold in the nights and early mornings and during the days they feel like spring. So we don't need too much winter gear but for early morning runs the gloves, hat/ buff come in really handy. But by the end of the run, those are usually off! Have fun at Disney!!

  9. Throw away gear like light gloves and old sweatshirts are perfect for race days too


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