Wednesday, May 1, 2019

3 Year Toddler Update

The fastest three years of my life have come and gone! I can't quite believe it, but my little squishy baby is now a 3 year old toddler!

Clothing: 2T and 3T on top and mostly 3T on bottom, although some 2T's still fit. He's just SO tall!
Diapers: Size 5...and not long after he turned 3, we started officially potty training. It's actually going remarkably well (he's wearing "big boy underwear" 90% of the time)...but more on that later!
Shoes: Size 7 and some 8's
Weight: 36 pounds (estimated)
Height: 38 inches (estimated)

Over the past 6 months, I've seen even more growth in Brayden. Where he used to be a little shy and reserved, he's more bold and willing to speak out now. His knowledge base has also grown and he remembers things I can't even seriously blows my mind sometimes!

He still wants Madalynn to be his BFF, but she's not too sure of him. They do continue to share their love of food, though. Brayden did hit a "picky" eater phase and the thing I absolutely cannot get him to eat are vegetables. I do try to hide them in dishes which works out well but ya'll, this is seriously one of our biggest struggles. Other than that, some of his favorites include pizza, fruit, tacos, chicken nuggets, french fries, "orange" fries (aka sweet potato fries), chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal, waffles, grilled chicken, spaghetti, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something because this kid does love to eat!

I always wondered if he would get "attached" to an object like a lovely or a stuffed animal and it has officially happened! As an infant and early toddler, he had two dog and a giraffe. Well, after he was too big for the pacifier parts, we cut them out and let him just hang onto the stuffed animals. He would carry them everywhere he went if I let him, but they get lost too easily, so he only has them at night.

Christmas was so magical this year. Seeing the sights and sounds through Brayden's eyes was truly incredible and definitely my favorite Christmas with him thus far.

He loved loved loved the Grinch. That included watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, meeting Mr. Grinch after our church Christmas production, listening to the music, etc.

Funny (and true) story - he was super hesitant about Santa this year. After I told him that Santa was friends with Mr. Grinch, he had no problem taking a picture with him. Whoops. I mean, it's kinda true...

One of my favorite memories (and will be forever) was how excited he got over the "Grinch cakes" at IHOP. They offered a green Grinch pancake dish this year and Brayden seriously talked about it for weeks!

From then on, every pancake became a "Grinch cake"...silly boy!

Visiting the local park is still a favorite. He loves anything with swings and slides!

Also, ride on toys have become a recent thing around here!  He absolutely loves them!

He also still loves to go on a run with momma. Sprint workouts are his favorite because we get to run fast!

As any normal toddler, temper tantrums are still there. He gets super frustrated if he can't do something himself, but is easily redirect-able in the end. 

At the end of February, we took Brayden on his third trip to Walt Disney World and we had a BLAST! This was by far my favorite trip of them all! He did great on the plane ride there and loved meeting the characters.

I'm seriously awed at the things he still remembers about Disney World. His favorite parts of the trip included the elevators, riding the bus, riding the boat/monorail, and playing with the trash cans. Gross.

However, he still to this day talks about how he saw bunny rabbits and ducks in Disney World, and riding the boats/monorail. His memory blows my mind!

As per tradition, he also had a haircut on our trip and I LOVE it!!

Mickey was a huge hit this time, too!

Some of his favorite shows include the movie Cars, Puppy Dog Pals (still), Mickey and the Roadster Racers, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Lighting McQueen (aka "Bobby Ween") has been the latest favorite over here!  He also still loves YouTube Kids but we definitely limit his time there.

One of Brayden's favorite rides at Disney World was the Carousel. This little dog carousel (as shown above) is the closest I can get to a true carousel at home, so I take him to the mall on the occasion for a ride. So fun!

Brayden loves going to school and playing with his friends! He can also now count to 30, knows his ABC's, has several of the books we read at night memorized, and he knows the lyrics to several songs. He's also memorized several scriptures which makes this momma's heart so happy. The pledge to the American flag is also something he learned which is so cute to hear! Every single day, he amazes me with how quickly he is developing and growing!

I absolutely love seeing his personality come through! He is loves to laugh at himself and will definitely be goofball like Jason, I can see it already!

...and just like that, we have a big three year old!

Happy 3 years, Brayden! I hope the next year is just as much fun as the last!

Thanks for following along in our journey! I so appreciate each and every one of you!

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