Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Three Things for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have several blog posts planned over the next few weeks (including a FASTer Way To Fat Loss update) but for now, here's a few things that have been going on over in our little corner of the world...

#1 Lost SD Card

What the heck? How does one even lose an SD card? Well, I did. I've searched my house high and low and although I know Princess Half Marathon Weekend videos were promised, I sadly no longer have any footage from the Expo or 10K. Sad. Times. I was waiting on putting the footage together, hoping the SD card would magically appear somewhere, but it hasn't. So, footage from the Princess Half Marathon weekend will begin on my YouTube channel, starting after the 10K and the Joyful Miles Meetup and will continue with the Princess Half Marathon itself. Stay tuned for that coming soon!

#2 Alaska

Yes, we are soon to return to Alaska and I'm super excited! Jason's dad expressed his desire to visit Alaska and wanted to plan a family trip, so here we are! Although we will be on Royal Caribbean this time instead of Disney, we are excited to visit once again and see a few new sights. This will also be Brayden's first time on a cruise ship, so we are planning on taking things easy and just enjoying our time. Included in our list of excursions are a musher's camp as well as a whale watching excursion, neither of which we got to experience on our last Alaskan cruise. Brayden should also be fully potty trained by that point (except at night), so he might be able to spend some time in the kids club while on the ship. I know he will love it! If not, we plan to just relax and enjoy our cruise!

#3 Potty Training

Speaking of potty training, y'all...I heard "all the things" about potty training and read up on all the methods...and it seriously continues to amaze me how different every kid is. We spent the majority of our spring break week working on potty training. Brayden is an only child and he's a boy (clearly...hah), so we decided to wait until he actually turned 3 before attempting to potty train. He'd seen the kids in his class use the potty, so I know that was motivation for him, and he literally picked it right up. The first two days took some adjusting, but after a little motivational sticker chart, he had it going on. We pretty much put him in "big boy pants" and skipped the pull-ups all together. My mind is seriously blown at how well he took to it. Parenting can be so hard in general, it's nice when "something" goes your way! With a few random messes here and there, I'd say this kid has it pretty down pat!

So, that's just a little update on our lives over here! I hope you are all doing well! "See" you real soon!


  1. Alaska sounds like fun! That's one state I would love to visit eventually.


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