Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Alaskan Cruise: Icy Straight Point [Part 3]

The port of Icy Straight Point is one that I was especially excited about on our recent Alaskan cruise because it was brand new to me!

Basically, this port consisted of a campfire, a nature trail, a walking trail to the nearby fisherman's town of Hoonah, a vintage cannery with lots of history of the area, a zip line, a restaurant, and a gift shop. There honestly was not a lot to see, but our sense of adventure was strong and we went with it 100%! This port was not filled with the traditional Diamonds International and Effy Jeweler and such and it was honestly a nice change of pace!

This port was about 80% nature and included a nature trail we didn't end up walking. I was honestly a little nervous about running into a bear in the wild. Silly fear I know, but it's true.

After gathering our bearings and seeing the layout of the area, we set out on our walk!

I loved that there was a chart which told the distance to each location.

The cannery was interesting. I love to hear and see how others live, especially years ago - it's seriously fascinating to me!

It was incredibly rainy and chilly on our Icy Straight Point day (appropriately named)!

We were in layers with gloves, ear covers, hats, etc.

I posted this picture to my instagram and had several ask if I caught these fish - no, they aren't actually real fish - they were laying on the cutting table as an example of how the cannery worked, so I picked them up to snagged a picture! :)

After walking through the cannery and gift shop, we decided to take the Veterans Memorial Walkway to the nearby town of Hoonah (a little over a mile away).

It was along this highway where we saw SEVERAL bald eagles. It was by far one of my favorite parts of the entire trip!

This guy was just perched on top of a wooden pole in the water!

We also saw several flying above our heads. When you don't see this kind of thing on a daily basis, it's an amazing and incredible sight when you do! 

Although we had the stroller, Brayden wanted to walk during several parts of our stroll.

Is this not the most precious thing. I just love it!

On our way back, I snagged a random lady and asked if she would take a picture of us with our ship!

We decided to forgo lunch at Icy Straight Point and eat on the boat. Although we were chilly all day, Brayden still wanted ice cream for dessert! Of course!

Dinner that evening included steak. It was delicious!

Speaking of dinner - I have a funny story. So, Brayden became quite the extra picky eater on this cruise and only wanted chicken and french fries at dinner time. Every. Single. Night. On previous evenings, we had to cut the french fries out all together, because he would eat those alone and not eat any of his chicken. Well, on this night, he actually asked for a hot dog which amazed me. So, we asked if we could get a hot dog. Apparently, hot dogs are available on the lunch buffet and after 9 p.m., but not "during" dinner. Had I known this, I would never have asked for one because I never want anyone to go through any extra trouble just for something like that.

So, the staff went above and beyond to obtain said hot dog which we were very appreciative of. When it arrived, it was covered in onions and sauerkraut and of course...there were french fries. I seriously about died of mortification because these guys went above and beyond to obtain this hot dog and I knew all my child would only want to eat were the french fries. Even our server was like..."face palm".... Hah!

We removed the onion and sauerkraut as best as possible and made him take a few bites. If you've ever had a toddler who was somewhat of a picky eater, you understand this situation...

Needless to say, we left that dining room with 3/4 of a hot dog "to go" and Jason and I ate it later that night. Never. Again.

Our friend for the evening was a cute little elephant who wore Jason's glasses! Too funny!

Jason's mom also graciously agreed to put Brayden to bed for the evening so Jason and I could go watch the Piano Man show in the theater. I seriously LOVED the show! They did an excellent job!

Since we are "old" and tired, we didn't stay out too late and were back in our room not long after the show ended. I did randomly wake up at 2 a.m. though...and I was amazed by what I saw. I don't think it every fully got "dark" that evening at all! Craziness!

That's all for our Icy Straight Point day! Up next: Juneau and whale watching!


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  1. The life on a cruise ship is amazing but hectic, you live the cruise h24 onboard and outside.
    You visited a wonderful place that I think is full of history (the canary, the local life, the veterans, the nature, the trails, the fishing port).
    The family photos are priceless.

    1. Yes, I couldn't agree more! I loved visiting this port! Thank you so much!

  2. I loved seeing all of the Bald Eagles in Alaska. Juneau had so many along the bay.

  3. Oh goodness, what toddler would eat a hot dog with sauerkraut and
    Looked like a cold but lovely day.

    1. RIGHT?! I was seriously groaning inside! Haha! It really was a great day, thank!


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